Amaryllis bud

I had to wait while my hubby made a couple of phone calls tonight, so I played around editing this amaryllis bud.  I kind of like it.  I'll have to print it to be sure about the color. 

I worked my 8 hour day today, plus 21 minutes.  The girl who was scheduled to come in at 3:00 didn't show.  Then I slipped on a sweater and different shoes and went to a wake and stood in line for 90 minutes.  It wasn't that bad.  Got to talk to a lot of people I don't see very often, and actually started a conversation with a woman I didn't know at all that turned into a 30 minute adventure.  I'm so glad I'm not terrified to talk to strangers anymore.  I wasn't even worried about going to the visitation, even though I didn't know the woman who had died.  I did know two of her daughters and a lot of the other people who knew her. 

I haven't checked my email yet.  Thought I'd better post this before I got to tired to think.  I lost a contact somewhere along the line tonight.  I had left one at home this morning because my eyes were so tired.  Thank goodness I have a couple of pairs of glasses.  More tomorrow!                    

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7 Responses to Amaryllis bud

  1. CBD- you amaze me. How do you do so much? Your picture is wonderful. Is the color purple? I wonder what it would look like more purple. Just curious.

  2. Actually, I sat for about 30 minutes while this woman I started talking to and I chatted. I didn't know her, but we did know several people in common, and she was the niece of a man who had been my hubby's best friend. Small world!
    I find it easier to stand than to sit. I can't go to retreats or such were you have to sit through presentations. I don't watch movies, as a rule. About 30 minutes is usually my limit.
    I'll try the shot with more purple. I'm not sure what color it is. My editing program has three sliding bars to adjust the colors, and I just play around until I get the effect I want. I can get purple by increasing both the red and blue. I'll let you know what happens.

  3. Thanks for trying the purple. It seems like it would be beautiful. I am amazed that you can stand for so long and that you prefer it!! Wow. Because of my immune problem, I get fatigued easily and cannot stand up for long periods of time. If I go to the mall, I can go in a few stores and then I need to stop. Too bad because I used to go 90 to nothing and I miss it!!

  4. Sometimes I wish I could sit still for a few hours! I did do a lot of computer work yesterday, but I can get up and move around when I need to.
    I'm not sure I could do a full day at the mall anymore. It's been awhile since I've tried that.
    How did your day go yesterday? Does it wear you out? I feel so lucky to still have pretty good health. Thank God!
    I really liked the purple bud. Thanks for suggesting it. I think I may try a series, going from light to dark. I want to do something for my son's birthday in a couple of weeks. I need to look today and see what kind of frames are available.

  5. The light to dark sounds fabulous! I hope you will post the results!!

  6. Wish I could come right over with a big pot of tea so we could sit down and have a cup. I've had to learn to sleep with the TV on, too, while I much prefer total darkness and no noise.
    Glad you were able to go back to sleep. Hope the headaches are better. I can't stand to have a headache or a cough.
    I didn't have time to look for frames tonight. May still see what I can come up with. But I need to do a marathon cooking session tomorrow, because after tomorrow, I work for four days in a row. I don't get much done on the days I work.
    Hugs and kisses!

  7. Ah, yes, I wish you could come over and have a pot of tea with me as well!!!

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