More impatients

More photos of my impatients.  I love the backlit petals.  Does anyone have any idea why they evolved the long spurs in the back?  What purpose could they serve? 

Got quite a bit done today.  Went to town and got my hair cut for one thing.  Got our tax papers signed.  Went to Wal-mart and picked up a few things I had forgotten last night.  Got all the ingredients for beef stew put in the crock pot before I went to town.  Put on navy beans for soup after lunch and made jello.  I'm going to put some potatoes and onions in with the beans and make some vegetarian chili to take with me for lunch tomorrow.  I won't do much cooking until my next day off. 

I printed this picture, and liked the way it looks, so I want to list it on Etsy.  I also took some photos of some things I want to sell on eBay and got one of them listed.  Finished watering my plants and did another load of laundry today, too.  It was nice outside already this morning.  I took a couple of pictures of my flowers that are coming up before the dogs discovered me and put an end to any more pictures.  They haven't had much attention this winter.  We don't have to worry about walking them.  They can come and go as they please, but they still like to have company. 

It's back to work again tomorrow, so I may be MIA again.  Hope everyone is getting some of this nice weather. 

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5 Responses to More impatients

  1. I especially love the vibrant pink in the top flower!

  2. Thanks! The bottom one is too dark, but that brings the focus to the top one.

  3. The top one does show up nicely!!

  4. Just looked up at Wikipedia and found the following:The flowers, up to 2–3 cm ,around 1 inch long, in most species are made up by a shoe- or horn-shaped spur for the most part, with at least the upper petalslabellum though, allowing pollinators to land. Others, like the Busy Lizzie ( insignificant by comparison; some have a prominent I. walleriana), have flattened flowers with large petals and just a tiny spur that appear somewhat similar to violets (Viola), though these are unrelated eudicots.So I would guess the spur is for the pollinators then? :)Impatiens

  5. I don't think so. I looked up the same thing because I didn't know what the pointy thing was called. I don't see how it can have anything to do with pollination, unless it is a counterbalance, so the flower doesn't tip over and dump the pollinator out!

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