Birthday Party

We went to a birthday party today for this young man's brother and his father.  He usually won't stand still for a minute, but he had just stolen my other camera from my lap, so I "caught" him.  He looks like the cat that got the canary.  And, yes, his eyes really are that blue, and he has long eyelashes, too.  I tried to upload the photo as a png file, but it won't finish loading, so I gave up and went back to a jpg file.  He is our youngest grandson.  He turned one in January, but I didn't get to go to his party because I was working. 


And here is my six month old great grandson.  I hadn't seen him since Christmas, and he has grown!  His father is in the background of the photo.  I usually have a hard time telling who children look like, and I used to think the baby looked like his mother, but now I think he looks like his father.  Both of his parents have dark brown eyes, so I don't know what he is doing with blue ones. 

There was food out all afternoon at the party, but I didn't eat a bite, not even a piece of cake.  We went to Mass on our way home to make it easier tomorrow morning, and stopped to buy a bag of dog food.  It was raining lightly as we left Mass and rained on us all the way home.  It was still raining a bit ago when I went out to get some more wood for the fire. 

I have had this computer now for a year and a half, and finally tonight I got the speakers plugged into the right port!  I have never really needed them before, so even though I knew they weren't working right, I didn't try too hard to figure out what the problem was.  I had picked up a copy of the Avatar soundtrack and wanted to listen to it tonight, so I go on the stick and figured out what was wrong with the speakers.  I haven't seen the movie, but I really like the soundtrack. 

Still need to update my checkbook and pay a couple of bills, so I'd best get going.  Toodles!

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19 Responses to Birthday Party

  1. Not really sure, but there's a thought way back in my head, that tells me that I have heard something along the line that "all babies have blue eyes in the beginning and then develop their true eye color" The other option is that one of mum's or dad's parents had blue and the brown was recessive?Was in my family. Mum has green, dad has brown and I am gray-blue which supposedly is my dad's dad eye color.

  2. Yes, all babies are born with blue eyes, but usually by this age, they have changed color. There are blue eyes in the family, but brown is a dominate gene and blue is recessive. Still if both parents carry a recessive blue gene, it is possible. As you are proof of.

  3. InvisibleInk says:

    Well that's slightly true, I had green eyes and honey colored hair, but now i'm plain brown eyed and pale brown hair =]
    I had my first bitchy costumer today! so please read my post hihiii it says everything I do in my job…

  4. What beautiful grand and great grandchildren! You are so blessed. My daughter has two boys and they both had blue eyes..the oldest has green eyes now. I have green eyes and so does my daughter but her husband has brown eyes…I thought brown eyes were dominant…go figure.

  5. Thank you. I think they are pretty special. I finally figured out what the deal is with the png and jpg files. Even though both have the same number of pixels, the png files are HUGE! That is why they look so good.

  6. Ah I didn't know you could load png files to Vox.

  7. I'm not sure you are supposed to, but they do load, and they look terrific. I bet they overload the system. Do they take longer to open on your computer?

  8. No they seem to load fine.

  9. There is a dramatic difference in file size. Vox must comensate in some way. Ah, I think I know. With a high speed connection, they load just fine. With dial-up, they take longer.

  10. Him I don't save in a png file just do the jpgs as my tif files are too big and VOX won't take them.

  11. I haven't tried saving as tif files. What is the advantage of saving as tif?

  12. I save my originals as tifs as jpgs will lose pixels each time you resave them…tifs don't.

  13. Oh, so I should save my originals as tifs and any edits as jpgs? I have so much to learn!

  14. Yes that is what I do but the tif files are very big much bigger than the jpg files. I keep my originals as tif files or photoshop files as I can always go back and turn on or off the layers and in a jpg file you lose the layers. I save my jpgs as smaller photos and I save for the web so those files are very small…this is for VOX of Flickr…if I'm going to print from a jpg I don't make it smaller a don't save for the web. I hope this makes sense.

  15. Yes, I think I understand. I always resave shots that I resize for Vox, etc. But I just leave the originals as jpgs. Should I resave them as tifs?
    I just noticed you have extended the "Shoot from the hip" Quest. I got some shots the other day, but ran out of steam before I got them loaded. If I get my work done today…..

  16. I save all my originals as tifs if I do any editing..if I don't edit I just leave them as they came from the camera.
    If I'm going to print or post my photos, I save them as jpgs and for the web, I change them to 500 or 1,000 px wide and save for the web..this makes the file small and load quicker.
    Oh good love to see your photos for the quest.

  17. I've gotten them picked out. Now to edit and upload!

  18. Oh I'm late answering emails…hope you got them on the quest…you should be in the air and on your way to the big island by now…wow I'm so excited for you.

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