I’m leavin’ on an aeroplane….

…Can't get there on a fast train!  I'm leaving for Hawaii in the morning.  Yeah!  That is I'm leaving if I can get my boarding pass printed!  I've never had trouble before, but I've spent a couple of hours already and have nothing to show for it.  Don't know if it is just my slow computer or what.  I finally turned it off and started over.  I am going to try one more time, and if it doesn't work, I am just going to wait and print them at the airport.  Bummer!

Here is a photo of my daffodils that I took on Friday using my new macro lens.  I wanted to take the shot outside, but my two dogs insisted on "helping" me, so I finally had to pick some of the flowers and bring them inside. 

I'll come home with lots of wonderful photos to share, I hope!  Sorry I will miss everything that goes on the my Vox neighborhood for awhile.  I'll try to catch up as soon as I get back.  Bye!

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7 Responses to I’m leavin’ on an aeroplane….

  1. Have a wonderful time. I cannot wait to see your pictures. What a beautiful flower. Your new lens is awesome!

  2. Oh you go girl and have a wonderful time! This photo is wonderful and so spring like!

  3. Aloha!! Hope you had a wonderful stay!

  4. I'm going to try printing this one onto fabric and using it to make place mats or coasters. I haven't done any fabric printing yet, so it will be an experiment.

  5. Wow, a fantastic idea. You are a woman full of talent. If you do this, please take pictures and show us the steps!!

  6. I will. Maybe not this week or next. I'm going to town tomorrow, and hubby needs a hair cut. Next week I only have one day off, and I have an appointment to get a crown put on and a filling at the dentist's office that day.

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