Photos from Tuesday on Thursday

I took some photos on Tuesday that I didn't get posted yet, so here goes.


Last fall I sent Emjay some iris and other bulbs in exchange for some peonies.  Here's one of them, lookin' good!  Thanks, Emjay.  I've never had peonies before, so I'm excited.  Do I need to stack them, or anything? 












Last shot of the red bud tree.  They are getting leaves now and aren't as pretty. 


We have one flowering plum tree.  I love the shade of pink in this bloom. 


Last shot of the crabapple tree, too.  You can already see where a lot of petals have fallen off. 

Another warm day today, but we do have rain in the forecast.  Came home tonight and went right outside.  Dug a couple of holes to plant two hills of dalhias.  I need to remember to get some bamboo stacks for them this year.  Then we plants some more garden.  A row of green beans, a row of radishes, and a row of beets.  It is supposed to be much cooler next week.  We could still get a frost, although the ground is nice and warm.  I also spent an hour or so pulling weeds out of the flower bed.  The chickweed and hen bit are trying to take over.  I'm not finished, but once I get started, I can work on it for a little bit every day. 

I didn't get any photos taken of the table runner I finished last night.  It was almost dark before I came in to fix dinner.  Then hubby wanted his hair cut.  I've been up since 5:30, so I think I'll toddle off to bed.  Us old ladies need our beauty sleep! 

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8 Responses to Photos from Tuesday on Thursday

  1. LBeeeze says:

    Wow….you sure did have a full day. Beautiful blossoms!!

  2. Karen says:

    I love peonies. And iris too. Such basic midwestern perennials! When we lived in Illinois, we had peonies that grew from our grass lining the driveway. Every spring they came up and bloomed in June I think it was, then the plants got lush and full during the summer. Every fall my husband would just mow them down at the last mowing of the year. And then they'd come back up and bloom again each year.

  3. Gorgeous pictures. I will look again tonight. I MUST get off the computer and get ready for my hair appointment. I do not want to because the pollen count is very high. Will write more later.

  4. Iris I have, but not peonies. I think they are rather care-free once they get established. Don't know if they will bloom this year or not. I'm thinking not.

  5. Emjay says:

    Ooooh – your blossoms are gorgeous. I have three clumps of peonies – I do not stake any of them but the flowers are so huge that when they bloom they do bend the stems way over so if you were going to leave them on the plants you would probably need to stake them. I cut mine and put in vases – their perfume is strong and lovely.

  6. Emjay says:

    And, I meant to say that the Iris have come up now – they are a few weeks behind the daffodils.

  7. Oh, good! I hope they bloom for you this year.

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