Day Four from Hawaii

I know I'm getting a little ahead of myself, but these are the pictures I'm working with right now to put together a small photo album that I can carry with me. 


We only went out to eat breakfast on our last morning in Kona.  U-top-it gets 5 stars in my book.  Wonderful!  I ordered a veggie omelet.  I don't know it you can see all the extension cords, Christmas lights, overloaded outlets, etc.  I doubt if anything like this would pass code on the mainland, although I could be surprised.  It is just off the strip in downtown Kona.  The owner's daughter was on a school holiday, so she was helping.  Very relaxing and enjoyable. 


This didn't turn out very good, but the plateau that extends from the left side of the picture about half way across is the southern most point in the United States, viewed from a pull-off on the highway shortly before up get to the turn off.  I have now been in the northern most state (Alaska) and the southern most state (Hawaii).  I didn't get to the northern most point, but I did get to the southern most point.  It is the place that is considered to have the cleanest air in the world.  All pollution is measured against the quality of the air from this point in Hawaii! 


Here's as far as you can go and not get wet.  The point drops off sharply for about 100 feet or so to a narrow beach, but there are no guard rails, no warning signs, nothing.  It isn't a big tourist attraction.  The road starts off as a two lane paved highway, but ends up being not much more than a one lane cow path!  And the road just ends!  It's up to each driver to figure out how to get turned around and headed back out. And it is windy.  The wind blows constantly from the same direction.  There is nothing growing here except some rather short grass, sort of like buffalo grass. Back up the road a short distance, all the trees are growing in one direction.  They are all having a bad hair day.  There are farmers down here, with ranches that remind me of western Colorado.  Very wind blown, not much vegetation.  Large herds of cattle, a few horses, and an odd collection of other animals.  Rather low buildings.  There are also several large wind farms.  I don't know why there aren't more wind farms.  It looks like the wind blows all the time down here. 

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8 Responses to Day Four from Hawaii

  1. I couldn't tell any difference! All the air in Hawaii seems cleaner. There are no factories, no trucks on the roads, no construction. Everything is cleaner and calmer.

  2. realworld says:

    … and these are the moments that make me move to reconsider my way of life. We have to pay the bill for what we're doing… Is this our choice?

  3. I hadn't really questioned "progress" until I went to Hawaii. Over there, there are no bill boards and very few highway signs. Only very short stretches of four lane highway near Kona. No buildings more than 6 stories tall. It almost feels like stepping back in time.

  4. realworld says:

    … that must be wonderful!

  5. It was like being on another planet, especially around the volcano. At the top on the east side was a tropical forest. Just a few miles away, there was nothing except bare lava.

  6. realworld says:

    Seems that trade winds bring humidity to the eastern part of the volcano….A kind of landscape that to create some mars athmosphere. Check it out if you change the color of the sky from blue to red and then give the whole thing some orange or yellow 😉

  7. I'll have to play with that. Should make an interesting shot. I took a lot of lava pictures, but they don't look as interesing as it did in person.

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