Another mystery flower

I think I figured out what these were last year.  Are they star flowers?  They grow from small bulb about the same size as crocus.  The green foliage looks like thick grass.  They are the next thing to bloom after the daffodils and the tulips.  My iris have started blooming, but I haven't gotten any photos yet.  It has been too windy. 

I hadn't realized how my knee pain was affecting my life.  I felt so much better and had so much more energy today.  Most days, by the time I get off work, I didn't feel like doing anything.  Today I shopped for an hour or so, buying a cart full of flowers, came home, changed clothes, spent an hour or so outside planting, and still had enough energy to fix supper!  It wasn't anything fancy, but it was good.  I had stopped long enough yesterday to buy 6 tomato plants but it was too windy to plant them when we got home.  Got them planted tonight, with some help from hubby.  He used a spade to dig the holes, then he came along behind me to finish filling them in and put the cans around them.  I also set out about half of my flowers.  I'll have to post pictures tomorrow. 

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8 Responses to Another mystery flower

  1. Wow, you did that much? That is a lot. Did the shot help that quickly? Wonderful. You are amazingly energetic. I can't wait to see the pictures of what you planted. So excited that your knee feels better!

  2. No idea what they are – but they look lovely šŸ™‚

  3. I may have overdone it a bit yesterday. I don't feel quite so ambitious today, although I did spend the entire morning outside doing more planting. I'm almost finished! I'll have to get outside here in a few minutes and take some photos.

  4. They look like starflowers but the foliage is all wrong.

  5. You are an impressive woman!! I am in awe of all that you accomplish! I cannot wait to see pictures of what you have planted!

  6. I finally got some photos after dinner tonight. Haven't looked at them yet. Hope some of them are good.

  7. Trailblazer says:

    We have what looks like the same bloom and leaves off one of our trails near the lake. So much beauty by any name to enjoy. Take your vitamins and can't wait for the tomatoes to show up here.:)

  8. I like the little crowns in the centers.

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