Birthday and Mother’s Day cakes

Here's J's cake from Saturday.  He will be 5 tomorrow.  He is a huge "Big Green" fan.  He could say "John Deere Tractor" before he could say anything else. 


All three kids like Thomas, so H's cake was a Thomas cake.  The bubble borders were one of the hardest things for me to learn how to do.  They should look like a string of pearls.  These aren't perfect, by a long shot!


E loves Dora, although it is hard to tell from this picture.  I didn't put the little figures of Dora, Boots, and Diego on the cake because they tend to fall over.  I was proud of my little pond in the corner.  We use a gel to make it look wet. 


I made several Mother's Day cakes on Saturday, but this one is my favorite.  I used to make all my flowers in pastel colors, but recently lived been experimenting with bright colors.  You can make a bigger impact with fewer flowers when they are bright colors.  The swirls help to keep the eye moving around the cake.  I also like to fade-spray cakes, especially big ones.  This one fades from pink at the top left to blue at the bottom right.  It does say "Happy Mother's Day" in the middle, but it doesn't show up in this picture since I did the writing in white.

I've been taking it easy today.  I did go with my hubby to the church parking lot to do some measuring.  He has volunteered to repaint the lines on the parking lot, but he is changing them from straight to angled, so he needed to get some measurements so he could figure out how to lay it out.  He was really surprised when I said I would go help him.  It wasn't exactly what I had planned for today, but it was nice to be out in the sun. 

Now I need to go see what's for dinner!  I keep thinking I will get inspired, but it hasn't happened yet.  Guess I will just go about it like I do the cakes.  If I don't have clear directions, I usually don't plan anything.  I just let the cake tell me what it wants to be.  I know!  I'm a little weird.  LOL

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33 Responses to Birthday and Mother’s Day cakes

  1. Your cakes are fantastic!! Wow. I don't know how you got so many cakes done. What a creative job you have done. Bravo!

  2. Emjay says:

    Love the John Deere and Thomas cakes! (they bring out the country girl in me LOL)

  3. Ladywise says:

    Beautiful cakes CbD. Great job. I always thought that would be very cool to learn to do. My grandfather was a cook in the Army and when he retired he used to bake cakes and decorate them. I can remember him baking several cakes at the time and letting me pick which one I wanted for a birthday or something. He also did the big tiered wedding cakes. He was a great cook.The thing that I remember liking the best though was he had one of the big metal dispensers like they used on the base and he would bring home chocolate milk that went in that dispenser. It was mixed at the dairy so it was really rich and creamy. It was delicious. I never could quite get into chocolate milk after that because the kind you mixed up in the glass just didn't come close to what he brought in from the dairy. I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

  4. Thank you! Having the right equipment, etc. makes all the difference. We work on counters that are just he right height so we don't have to bend over. We have really nice cake stands so we can spin each cake around any way we need it to work on it. All of our icing colors are usually already in bags, ready to go, so all we have to do is change tips. The small ones, I can easily do in 30 minutes or less. The big Mother's Day cake took close to an hour because I made so many flowers.

  5. Ah, that's right! You are a transplant, aren't you?

  6. What a wonderful memory of your grandfather!
    I don't even try to make cakes at home. It is so much easier at work where we have all the equipment. I prefer not to make wedding cakes. They are spectacular, but I prefer the freedom and creativity of the sheet cakes.

  7. That sounds awesome!! Mixing the icing colors and changing bags and tips is a lot of hard work! I suppose you would have to have all that at a large store like Wal-mart. What is the average amount if decorated cakes that are ordered in a day?

  8. If I don't have to stop and fix bags, etc., I can make most cakes in about 10 minutes. The first time always takes longer, because you have to take time to figure out what order you need to do things in.
    I can do 16 to 20 cakes in 8 hours, maybe more if I don't have to stop for other things. 50 to 60 cakes is about normal for a Saturday at our store. We are a little unusual in that we have a large geographic area with no competition. I was shocked at the number of cakes that we sold every week. May is our biggest month. Big sheet cakes are very popular for high school graduation parties.

  9. Wow, that is incredible!! Yes, I remember the sheet cake we got in Indiana when my oldest son and his cousin graduated! I bet you do get a lot of orders for graduation cakes. So, you are smack dab in the middle of your busy season, or getting there, anyway.

  10. Yes, this coming weekend will be out busiest. The local high school has their graduation ceremony on Sunday. We may have orders for close to 200 cakes for this weekend.

  11. Wow, I marvel that you have the room in the kitchen at Wal-mart for so many of you to be there decorating at the same time. I hope it goes well. I am sure you will breathe a sigh of relief when that is over. Whew….I hope you knees hold up!!!!

  12. Incredible!! All 4 thumbs opp 😀 I think they're absolutely fantastic even though you might think it's not quite perfect.

  13. It isn't a kitchen. It's a room with long stainless steel counters down both sides with open shelves on one side and closed cabinets on the other. There is enough room for four people to work together, but when you get five in there, we are always bumping into each other. Two sides of it are open to the rest of the store, separated by a tall counter. There is an open refrigerated cake case along the front counter.

  14. Thanks! I am learning to be okay with cakes that aren't quite perfect. Sometimes it is okay to just be okay. Everything doesn't have to be perfect.

  15. Wow…that it amazing. I can picture you all there, working away on cakes. This weekend is going to be amazing. Are you able to decorate ahead of time and freeze cakes?

  16. We try not to do that with orders, although we do try to do that with cakes for the cake case. There isn't much creativity this weekend. It is more like a production line.

  17. Yes, I can imagine. I will be picturing you, this weekend, decorating cakes non-stop. I bet you dream about decorating cakes!

  18. It will be crazy! Someone may actually count the number of cakes we have orders for. Today I was able to do a few extra things. The calm before the storm.

  19. Yes, I will look forward to your report after the weekend. That is, after you catch your breath and get some much needed rest. I am praying that your knees hold up for you!!

  20. My knee is holding up better this week. I'm going to try to take it easy tomorrow.

  21. Good! Are Friday and Saturday the crazy days for graduations?

  22. Yes, especially Saturday. Sunday is busy, too, but I ask for the day off. Last year I worked graduation Sunday by myself, so I don't feel too bad about not being there. I'm only scheduled for 5 hours on Friday and Saturday, but I'm planning to work 8 hours each day. I can leave early if we are caught up.

  23. Wow. I hope it goes smoothly and that your knees do not cause you pain. I am glad you asked for Sunday off. That would be so difficult, to work that day as well!

  24. I'm sure I will be tired by Sunday. We are going to one of our granddaughter's first communion Mass.

  25. I hope it goes well for her!! Will she wear a special dress? Anna joins our church on Sunday at 9:30am. Poor thing. She will be so tired from the trip!

  26. Yes, she will be wearing a white dress and veil, sort of like a miniature bride. I'll try to post a picture on Sunday. Hope Anna doesn't fall asleep on Sunday!

  27. I thought they wore special dresses for the first communion mass. I hope you can post a picture.

  28. Julie took Hannah to get professional "First Communion" pictures taken, so I have those just in case I don't get a good one on Sunday.
    Glad your daughter will be able to sleep in tomorrow. I have a feeling I will be taking a nap on the drive over in the morning.
    I survived "cake day". It wasn't too bad. I worked an extra hour last night and was really tired when I got home. Got to leave on time tonight.

  29. I am so glad that cake day is over for you!! How many did you decorate? Do you remember?

  30. Don't know how many cakes we decorated. No one took time to count. It was a lot!
    I didn't get a really good picture of Hannah today, but I'll post one anyway.

  31. I will go look for her picture. I have been helping Anna with her Washington pics all day so I am just now getting to Vox!! I am way behind.

  32. All of the sudden last night I just pooped out and went to bed. I'll try to get a picture posted tonight.

  33. OK…I will be watching!

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