Banana plants from Hawaii

I had posted a cropped version of this photo on my orchids post as a mystery plant.  Someone (?) made the comment that it was a banana plant.  So this morning I did a little research.  It is indeed the single sterile male flower of a banana plant.  You can already see the banana "fingers" developing in tiers below the flower.  This flower is only a few feet off the ground. 


Fast forward to a fully grown banana plant.  Here is the same flower, now with a fully developed "banana heart" which can be eaten.  Each plant produces one of these.  You can tell that the plant is quite tall. 


This is a better picture.  You can see how the flower petals curve back over the "heart". 


Now you can see the banana "heart" in relationship to the banana "hand".  The "fingers" grow up instead of down.  This one bunch of bananas will be the only fruit that this plant produces. 

Hope you enjoyed your botany lesson for today! 

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4 Responses to Banana plants from Hawaii

  1. This is so incredible! Amazing that you saw this in person. I have never seen it shown in this way! Thank you for our lesson. I did learn something new. I had no idea the plant looked like this. You saw the most unusual things and these pictures are terrific! What a wonderful place, Hawaii, filled with so many interesting and beautiful things to photograph. Great job, CBD!!

  2. Katiebell says:

    wonders what a banana heart tastes like?

  3. Thanks! It was my kind of vacation with lots of new and interesting things to look at and take pictures of.

  4. Sounds like the perfect vacation to me 🙂

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