Look who came to dinner

This is what I saw when I looked out my kitchen window this afternoon.  He didn't really come to dinner.  He was just passing through.  You can tell he had come out of our lagoon because he is covered with duck weed.  He is already about 50 yards away from the water.  There is no water anywhere close in the direction he is heading.  Where is he going?


I didn't really get this close.  I kept my distance and zoomed in.  I wanted to get a shot that showed his eyes, but couldn't. 


I was surprised by how long his tail is; at least half the length of his body.  Much in contrast to the stumpy little tails of box turtles.  Does he use it to steer when he swims? 


I think his bite is worse than his bark.  I caught this shot when the dogs got too close.  They barked at him, but didn't try to pick him up.  I would have liked to have watched him longer, but as long as I was outside, the dogs were trying to protect me by barking at him.  As soon as I went inside, he headed off the road and into the grass. 

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6 Responses to Look who came to dinner

  1. LBeeeze says:

    I've never seen such a long turtle tail. I wonder where he was off to. He/she sure is a cute and colorful turtle.

  2. He is what we call a pond turtle. I'm sure he has a proper name. Did you notice how long his toenails are, too? He would be rather plain looking if he hadn't gotten all dressed up in his green suit!

  3. OMG!!!!!!!!! So this is the turtle your dogs protected you from? He looks like a snapper. EEEEKKKKKK….he is scary, with his mouth open and his long tail and the green stuff on his shell. Good thing the dogs were there and I am glad they did not get hurt. We have snapping turtles around here that are dangerous.

  4. He does look a bit like a snapper, but the snapper around here are flatter. We call these pond turtles, although I'm sure they have a different official name. We see snappers around, too, but we stay away from them. This guy wasn't aggressive, but I kept my distance, and so did the dogs.

  5. Emjay says:

    Oh wow – how awesome!! I think it would be wonderful to look out the window and see something like this!

  6. We have quite a bit of water near us so we see them from time to time. My hubby thinks maybe this one was moving to higher ground to lay her eggs.

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