Watercolor iris

Didn't have time to take any new photos today, so I applied the watercolor filter to some of my iris photos. 

Which do you like best, the real flowers or the watercolor ones? 

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19 Responses to Watercolor iris

  1. It depends on the photograph. I like the watercolor best when the photo is mostly iris and not background.

  2. My 2 cents – for what it's worth: I mostly prefer the original. Nature is already beautiful as it is.

  3. The watercolor ones. They would be beautiful on cards!! I love the last picture you have posted here!

  4. I may have to do two sets. One of close ups and one showing some background, then see which I like best. It is hard to tell from the online pictures because the number of pixels is so low.

  5. Thanks for your honest opinion. That what I need. I'm too close to the forest to see the trees.

  6. I do, too! I wasn't going to post it because it has the shadow lines from the leaves going across it, but I think it is my favorite. Haven't gotten them uploaded to Snapfish yet, but it's on my to-do list for this afternoon.

  7. I did not even notice the shadow lines!!

  8. Are you getting spammers, too? I try to delete them when I see them, but sometimes I forget.

  9. I am not because I make all my posts for neighborhood only. I have had some try to be in my neighborhood but I look at the profile and can see that they are selling something so I block them. But a lot of other people are having trouble. Some of the comments are funny so people leave them. You can set your comments so that only your friends can comment and you have to approve all other comments.

  10. I changed my settings so that I have to approve everyone except my neighbors. I'm also getting requests to be neighbors from people who don't seem to have anything in common with me. I just ignore them.

  11. Oh good. I hope that helps you in handling all of the wayward people and the spammers!! How is it going with the card making (I am behind reading posts but hope to catch up tomorrow now that I have helped my girls load, crop, and manipulate their trip pictures…whew!).

  12. I haven't worked on my photos for cards today. I decided I wanted to get all the rest of my vacation pictures uploaded to Snapfish for printing today. I managed to get 23 uploaded! It is such a slow process. I did get a lot of laundry done, and one more item listed on Etsy. I haven't been keeping up with posts, either.

  13. You sound very busy. I am glad you are getting your pictures uploaded. I wonder why it takes so long? Is it your computer? I cannot wait to see the rest of them. You have some you have not posted, right? Yes, I would want to get them printed too and then you can work on the cards.

  14. It is the dial up connection that I have to work with, and the fact that I am uploading large files so I can work with them and/or print 8 by 10s or larger if I want to. I think it will be easier for me to decide which ones to use for cards after I see them for real. I may print some myself, but I'm thinking about letting Snapfish print some of them, too.
    Tomorrow will be a special day for you and your daughters. I'm sure there will be a few tears and a lot of smiles. I cried a lot when my kids did something to make me proud.

  15. I am very glad to hear that you are calling about your knees. They can do such amazing things now! I will be very happy when you are not in pain!

  16. Wish you could get some good news, too, that they could do something to make you feel better. Being laid up for a few weeks will be worth it if I can walk without pain again. It is amazing what they can do. Wish I didn't need surgery so soon. They are making progress at growing new cartilage, but they don't have it down good enough for total replacement yet. They can grow new cartilage to repair small holes. My doctor showed me how they do it on his phone. Pretty amazing!

  17. That is amazing!! I hope to find some answers at Duke next week. Hopefully they will come up with some answers!

  18. I hope so, too. I will say a prayer for you. Or two!

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