Iris in the rain

Rain again today, but I braved the weather to get a few shots of my iris anyway.  Hope you like the results.






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8 Responses to Iris in the rain

  1. They are gorgeous and they look so different in the rain. They look redder. I love the bud. It looks purple around the edges. The droplets of water are so clear, I feel as if I could reach out and touch them!

  2. I love the closed one!!

  3. I almost didn't take the photo fo the bud, but now I'm glad I did. I didn't notice the big drops of water when I was taking the shot.

  4. Thanks! I almost didn't take it. Isn't it amazing how a big flower can be all wrapped up like that?

  5. Absolutely! And I think I know why you almost wouldn't take it 😉 We are so "trained" to go and photograph flowers that have already bloomed or are at least good on the way… that it so easy to overlook those who are still buds.At least that's the way for me.

  6. what a beautiful collection of shots-very nice…

  7. I got a petunia blossom that was about half open this morning. I'll try to get it posted. But you are right. We usually just look for the perfect open bloom and don't pay much attention to the buds.

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