Hello, Everyone!  No, I didn't die or anything like that.  I spent the past week as a cook for a camp for kids with cancer.  I meant to post a note before I left, but ran out of time.  No internet service down there, so I've been out of touch for a spell.  I'll try to catch up ASAP.

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6 Responses to Hello!

  1. Ladywise says:

    Oh my goodness! I wondered where you had been CbD! What a great thing to do! I hope you have lots of pictures and posts for us about it!

  2. What a wonderful thing to do, CBD!!! You are an inspiration to us all 🙂

  3. Thank you. Sorry I haven't had time to catch up with your blog yet. Did you get any good news at Duke this time?

  4. For the most part I was too busy to take pictures, but I'll try to post about it.

  5. Trailblazer says:

    What a great way to be out of touch . . . rewards coming;)

  6. It was nice to be "outside" the normal rush of the world. A whole week with no TV or computer, not even a radio. I did use my cell phone a couple of times to call home, but that was all.

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