One more sunset

No, we didn't have another awesome sunset again tonight, I just found another shot from last night that I want to share. 

The colors of the sunset were very intense and stretched across almost 1/4 of the skyline.  I still like the few that I took framed by the trees best.  At first, I thought the light streak on the left in this shot was something on the lens of my camera, but then I realized that it is the bark of a sycamore tree in the foreground. 

We had a lot of lightning and thunder last night, but no rain.  It broke up before it got to us. 


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10 Responses to One more sunset

  1. Gorgeous picture! The colors are vibrant.

  2. Love the colours!! Nature is best!!

  3. Thanks! Stormy skies make the best sunsets.

  4. Emjay says:

    Oh- that is so beautiful. I don't see the sunset here – too many buildings around me – but we've had skies turn dark and menacing as though they are going to rain but then it doesn't. It's all just a tease!

  5. We have that happen, too. The night I took the pictures, for example.

  6. Oh this is an amazing sunset, what great color and I love how your framed it between the trees. Lovely!
    We have had afternoon storm clouds dance around us but no rain yet.

  7. I took a lot of shots from out in the open, but I like the framed ones best.

  8. Trailblazer says:

    Oh to have a sunset like that – or even a sunrise. It's been rainy, cool, cloudy and more like Seattle than Southern CA. Hope you heal quickly – someone get this woman a laptop – no need for a ladder.

  9. Yes I liked your framed sunset photos too!

  10. Yes, a laptop would be nice, but not in the budget right now. Actually, the ladder is good exercise. I use my arms to help pull me up, sort of like rock climbing. I didn't want my arms to get weak and flabby just because my knee was bummed up.

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