Another boring day in the neighborhood

This picture, however, was taken yesterday, just before sunset.  You can see the weather moving in on the clouds.  The picture needs to be larger.  It is hard to tell anything at this size.  Let me see what I can do.  This is a little better.  Still a lot of blurriness.  Hubby and I were up on top of the hill, looking down over most of our farm.  Our house is in the group of buildings in the background.  It was  a nice evening to be out.  We were on the RTV, so I didn't have to walk anywhere. 

Today has been a bit of a bummer.  I did get to sleep last night without my sleeping pills, but then was awake for a couple of hours after it started raining.  Perhaps that is why I feel so tired.  I did manage to take a walk down our road for a little way this morning.  Other than that, the only other thing I did was fix a nice dinner.  I made a mixed vegetable and chicken saute from a new cookbook of mine that turned out to be very good. 

We did get three inches of rain last night, so I should be happy.  It was starting to get really dry.  The crops were not hurting yet, but some of my flowers were starting to die. 

There is still just a bit of sun, so I think I will grab a camera and go catch something!



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18 Responses to Another boring day in the neighborhood

  1. What beautiful land you have!! Gorgeous picture.

  2. Wow, you really are 'country', aren't you?What a lovely place.

  3. Ladywise says:

    Beautiful CbD. Nice place. Looks like the countryside around here.

  4. I'm going to have to try get better depth of field. I should have taken them in landscape mode. It is pretty out here. Wish you could come and visit.

  5. Yes, we are out in the country. The only down side is that we don't have cell phone service or high speed internet.

  6. You're in GA, right? I've never been there. The area around here is gently rolling. No big hills or anything. Most of the rural roads curve around with trees or fields on both sides.

  7. Ladywise says:

    I grew up in Georgia but I'm in Central Alabama now. Lots of open country here. That's exactly what it's like here too, gently rolling hills. If you get a little north of here you start into the foothills of the Appalachians but down here it's just hills. I love it here this time of the year, other than the heat. Everything is so green and lush. We have lots of trees and they are all so full right now and with everything in bloom and everyone's gardens coming up, it's gorgeous to me.

  8. Oh, so do I!! You live in such beautiful country!

  9. Here, too. We have gotten enough rain this year that everything is still green, except for the yards that have been cut too short. A lot of oak trees around here have galls this year, so they look brown instead of green from a distance. From my window here in the loft I can look out over my flower bed and a corn field with trees all the way around the edges.
    How is the lady you clean for doing with her new knee?

  10. When my train comes in, I'll invite all my Vox neighbors in for a visit!

  11. Ladywise says:

    I'm sorry CbD. I've forgotten all about updating you on her. She is doing great. She's getting around great and happy she got it done and they are leaving to go on vacation next Friday to the beach.

  12. Thanks, CBD!! I used to be waiting for my ship, but my "ship" got sunk by the recession, so there will be no money that we had hoped to inherit someday to help with retirement. Oh well. A lot of people have had hard times here.

  13. Wonderful! I'm getting better by leaps and bounds now. She glad to hear she is doing great!

  14. Same here. I had thought I might try getting by with just my social security, but I still need health insurance for a couple of years.

  15. Yes, I think there are a lot of people in this position. We cannot get Anna braces. I never thought I would not be able to provide something that I took for granted growing up.

  16. I know. It is hard for a lot of people. My hubby avoids going to the doctor because of the expense. His knees are killing him, but he is going to wait until he turns 65 to check it out. We have insurance, but my surgery is still going to cost us as much as a small used car.

  17. I hear you!! We have an out of pocket deductible every year of $8,000 and we meet it by the end of February. Then things are covered but we still have to pay part of some things and it adds up so quickly and then we have to get on payment plans with the hospitals. Ugggg……medical costs just kill us!

  18. So far I have gotten one bill. I know we will have to pay our deductable, plus 20% of the next $10,000.00, but I don't think we will be in as deep as you are. That is tough. Hopefully the new health care reforms will be able to help you.

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