Knee surgery update

It 's been 24 days now since I had surgery to replace my right knee.  Last Friday was my first day of physical therapy.  I had regained a lot of my flexibility, but was a long way from being able to straighten my knee out all the way.  So we worked on that a lot.  Also my right quad isn't as strong as it used to be so I was swinging my leg out at a funny angle, probably as a result of walking stiff-legged for so long.  I came home with three sheets of paper that had all of the exercises I was supposed to do twice a day.  It's all about stretching and getting stronger. 

On Monday, I did my exercises before I went to therapy as we moved on to a bike, leg presses, steps, etc.  The hardest thing I had to do was stand with my right foot on a small step about 2 inches off the floor.   Extend my left leg out in front of me, then bend my right knee until my left heel touched the floor.  I don't even know if I could do it with my left knee. 

Then we did some more work on getting my right knee straight and bent back as far as possible.  It really hurts at the time, but feels better afterward. 

I have stopped taking my pain pills except before I do my exercises or go to physical therapy.  They were giving me a terrible case of heartburn.  I was burping all the time and feeling miserable.  I had stopped taking my sleeping pills because they caused a metallic taste in my mouth, so for a couple of nights I didn't sleep good at all.  Last night was better. 

Now the only lingering side effect is that my eyesight has gone south.  I have to wear my glasses and my contacts in order to read anything.  Don't know if I should go ahead and get my eyes checked, or wait and see if they improve on their own.  I thought maybe it was the Coumadin I was taking, but it hasn't gotten much better since I stopped that. 

For a week now, we have been working on crabapples.  Our rather large crabapple tree was loaded with apples this year.  I already have all of my jelly jars full, plus enough sliced apples for two dozen crabapple pies.  I started making applesauce with them today.  It is really pretty, and good.  I'm going to look for a food mill tomorrow.  We still have a whole cooler full of apples that we need to work up.  Plus there are more on the tree.  Our granddaughter came out again today with her baby.  I made four pint jars of jelly for her today, and I will make some more tomorrow.  I also made an apple crisp today that turned out great.  We are finally figuring out faster ways to cut the apples and strain them so it doesn't take all day to do a couple of batches.  I will still be glad when we are finished.  My knee was killing me by the time I finished up today. 

I sat down with my ice pack and my book for about an hour, then I was ready to go again.  Fixed some fried fish to go with our fresh corn on the cob. 

Hubby and I are both reading The Help.  I read during the day when I take a break to ice my knee, and he reads in the evening.  I'm just a couple of chapters ahead of him.  This morning he had caught up with me.  It is an excellent book, and it is fun to discuss what the characters are doing, just like they are neighbors or something.  I've never lived in the south, but in the early '60s, our family moved to Mississippi Country, MO.  That was almost like being in the south.  The high school had integrated the year before we moved there.  There was a white side of town and a black side of town.  The wealthy land owners all had black help on the farms and at their houses.  It was a whole new world to me.  But I can relate to the story which takes place in the early '60s in the state of Mississippi. 

I am not getting caught up with my pictures or my Etsy site, or anything.  Just crabapples.  I'll be glad when we get them finished.  And we have given away more than we have worked up! 


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14 Responses to Knee surgery update

  1. Wow, you are coming along so well. That is amazing. I am sure that the physical therapy is a challenge and painful too. Good for you, working so hard to get your leg working again.

  2. Waterbaby says:

    Glad to hear the knee's coming along. Reckon them Southern folks would disagree pretty heartily about southern Missouri resembling the South. 🙂

  3. I'll try to get some pictures of the jelly. It is so pretty. We made applesauce this afternoon. It is pretty, too.
    I chickened out of doing another set of exercises tonight. I really worked hard in therapy this morning.

  4. Yes, I bet they would. But it was enough like the south for me. I still haven't been south, except to Houston, and I don't think it counts. The laws may have changed, but have hearts really changed very much at all?

  5. Oh, homemade applesauce too!! Sounds delicious! YUM!!!

  6. Waterbaby says:

    Texas is not the South. "The laws may have changed, but have hearts really changed very much at all?" – No, they really haven't and that's intrinsic, intangible and beautiful thing called culture.

  7. Emjay says:

    Keep up with the physio – I know it's hard but it really pays off in the end…… I know 🙂

  8. It's more a matter of doing what has to be done. If I had to do it by myself, I would have given up. My hubby's sister lives with us, and she is a big help, especially when it is time to clean up and I am plum tuckered out. Also, our granddaughter has spent several days with us during the past two weeks, and she is great help. My hubby even gets out his knife on occasion. Plus he is good at sorting and washing.

  9. Do you ever see the possibility of the races actually getting along? Why is it that other nationalities have come over and after some discrimination, been accepted?

  10. Yes, you do know. How is your shoulder? Are you still going to therapy for it?

  11. This is probably the most "canning" I have ever done at one setting. Never did do a lot, just some jelly, and perhaps some green beans or tomatoes.

  12. I am glad you have a good support system. That makes all the difference!

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