Is it time to come out?

Here’s a photo of a bagworm that I found on the side of our garage.  I think he is a little confused.

Bagworm for WordPress

Is it time to come out?

I think he will find that it is a little too cool soon.  We had 49 degrees this morning. 

This is my first attempt at adding an image to a WordPress post.  I’ll see what happens!


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2 Responses to Is it time to come out?

  1. freedomsmith5 says:

    hey!! So glad to see you here 🙂 One thing I have noticed when adding pics here is that they seem to go by how big the original file is. On vox, all large pics were the same size. On there, it seems to depend on how larger the original file is. If you get this figured out, tell me. My posted pictures last night came out all kind of different sizes, lol. I was quite confused.

    I look forward to having you here!

    • Hi! When I posted my picture tonight of the hot dog buns, I resized the image to the same size I use for Vox, about 750 x 1000 pixels. Then I clicked on full size when they gave me choices about what size to print the picture. It looks to me like the pictures have better quality here than they did on Vox.

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