Birthday cake and birthday boy

Farm cake for Gus

Happy Birthday, Gus!

Here’s a picture of the birthday cake I made for Gus’ party on Monday. 

Gus and two of his aunties

I hadn’t realized that the two girls had identical face shapes until I saw this picture.  Gus was having fun exploring the blue icing on his cake. 

The party went really well.  We had enough food, but not too much.  Everyone had a good time, and no one had to work too hard.  For a change I was able to sit down and enjoy the party.  I had spent most of the morning making a crockpot full of BBQ beef, but then I didn’t have to do anything else.  I had already made the cake on Saturday and put it in the freezer.  It was as fresh as can be.  Sent most of the leftovers home with family, so I didn’t have too much to put away.  Just enough for meals for today, so I don’t have to cook! 

Had a request for the recipe for the hot dog buns.  I will try to get the recipe posted this afternoon.  Need to go check the laundry now.


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6 Responses to Birthday cake and birthday boy

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    I love the cake. It is so colorful and it looks perfect for Gus. What a precious picture. These are your grandchildren, right? What lovely girls, both redheads! Gus is so cute with the blue icing!

  2. Thanks! I thought it turned out cute. Yes, the girls are grandchildren. They are younger sisters of Gus’ mom. Yes, they are both red heads. And curly. They have another sister and a younger brother who are also red heads. I’ll have to try to get a picture of all of them together.

    • Freedom Smith says:

      Please do. You have darling grandchildren!! Aren’t they lucky to have you to make such wonderful cakes! What do they call you?

      • They call me Grammy now, but I used to be Farm Grandma so as not to be confused with Town Grandma. Very funny. LOL I’ll look and see if I can pull up a color picture of them from last fall. They haven’t changed much.

  3. geologywoman says:

    What beautiful children. If Masha and I had girls, I am certain they would look like that. Too old to have any more kids now (I have a 21 yr old from a prev. relationship)…just have to settle for bunnies. Not a bad deal.

    • Both my daughter and her husband have red hair. She is my only red head out of six. All four of their children have red hair. Her oldest daughter had a different father. I’m going to look for their picture from last October. They, especially the oldest, look Irish, but they aren’t, even though they all have Irish names.

      Sometimes bunnies and puppies make the best children!

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