My grandchildren with red hair

My grandchildren with red hair

The red heads plus two

Here’s a picture from last October of my grandchildren who have curly red hair, plus their older sister and little nephew who do not!


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5 Responses to My grandchildren with red hair

  1. mkirkd says:

    Oh you are so lucky…I so wanted a redheaded little boy…didn’t get one…my brother and sister did though…my baby sister is a redhead…and no redheaded grandchildren either.

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    What beauties! My mother always hope I would have a red head! And look how many red headed grandchildren you were blessed with. This is such a cute picture!

    • Thank you. One daughter has red hair, but so does her husband, so all four of their children have red hair. It will become more and more unusual to see natural red-heads, because it is not a dominate color.

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