The marigold and the bumblebee

I continued editing some photos from last year as my shots were uploading for last night’s post.  Here’s another one I think you will like. 

Marigold with bumblebee

The marigold and the bumble bee

I don’t remember having marigolds last year, and I haven’t seen any bumblebees around this year at all.  Perhaps it is because I don’t have marigolds.  I must remember to plant marigolds and zinnias next year.


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5 Responses to The marigold and the bumblebee

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Fabulous picture!! The colors in the flower are stunning. I love the added element of the bee.

    I am wondering why your gravatar is a black box? Do you know how to change it?

  2. archiegrrl says:

    for some reason, this photo looks upside-down to me. But I love the bee, and the little ladybug that’s trying to blend in!

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