Knee surgery update

My Vox readers will remember that I had total knee replacement surgery on my right knee on July 2nd.  The first photo that I posted after surgery wasn’t very pretty.  Things are looking better now.  Here’s a shot from last week.

Right knee 10 weeks after surgery

Surgery scar after 10 weeks

It is rather fuzzy, but there isn’t much redness or swelling any more.  I still can’t get it perfectly straight, but I’m getting closer.  Otherwise, I can do almost anything I want to do, with no pain.  It will get uncomfortable when I stand for extended periods of time, but it doesn’t really hurt.  I don’t take pain pills anymore, just as occasional Advil.  I’ve lost my excuse to sit and read with ice on my knee!


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4 Responses to Knee surgery update

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    It looks fantastic. You have come a very long way in 10 weeks. I am sure it has been hard work! That is great that you are down to Advil. Too bad about the loss of an excuse to sit down 😀

    • I didn’t think it would ever look this good, considering the mess it was in when I came home from the hospital. It was so lumpy and bumpy, it was really discouraging, but it has come along nicely. I do massage it with Vitamen E cream when I think about it.

      How are you doing these days? Any more doctor’s appointments in the near future?

  2. mkirkd says:

    Wow that is looking very good girl…when do you start dancing lessions?

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