New Country By Design coasters listed on Etsy

Today I listed the two sets of vintage denim coasters that I have been working on.  Both sets are very similar.  The set of two has batting under the applique and between the layers.  The set of four only has batting between the denim layers.  I think I am going to try some different leaf shapes and colors, too.  I like the way these turned out.

Country By Design coasters

Vintage denim coasters from Country By Design

Vintage denim coasters from Country by Design

Fall coasters from Country By Design

You can look at all the pictures by going to my shop at


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22 Responses to New Country By Design coasters listed on Etsy

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    Great job, CBD. Do you back them with anything or are the layers of cloth enough? I love the fall colors!

  2. mkirkd says:

    Oh very nice, are these going on Etsy?

    • Things on Etsy are slow right now, too. I finally sold some things on Ebay just to turn some stock over. I’ve just decided to continue working, and spending my free time working on photos or quilting, but not trying to depend on it. I would like to, but I don’t seem to have found a niche yet like you have with the dessert and your horses.

      • mkirkd says:

        Well my niche isn’t paying the bill fact I’m making more money doing websites than taking photos…I’m happy for the income though. Your niche is quilting, photography and your grandchildren. Have you thought of selling photos of your grandchildren to istock?

        I neve thought about selling in ebay…I used to sell saddles and tack on ebay years ago…then it just got too expensive.

        • I have taken some nice shots of the grandchildren, but I haven’t talked to their parents about signing a model’s release. I know images of people, especially people eating, are very popular, but that just isn’t my thing. I think I just need to keep plugging away. I need to check on Etsy and see what kind of note cards are selling, how many in a set, and how they are packaged.

          Selling photos on Ebay might be a good idea. Although when I checked one time, it looked like most of the photos on Ebay weren’t meant for a family audience. It might be another way to get your name out there.

          Glad to hear you are able to make a few bucks doing web design. At least you can work from home. I really need high speed internet to get serious about selling photos.

  3. mkirkd says:

    Yes your photos of the grandchildren a wonderful but it is a privicy thing for your family…I get it. It would be wierd to see a photo of your grandchild in an add or a billboard.

    Thanks it is good to get some income here and there….it would help if I actually billed for my work…so far behind.

    • I think I’ll still to stuff I have around here. My photos that have sold are mostly of things that are not found just anywhere. I need to do more food and not so many flowers, unless they are unusual.

    • I tried loading photos on the photo quest blog, and it works just fine, although the photo that I loaded in a large size got cropped. Don’t need to be that bid anyway. I really like the black background. I framed the lake reflections shot this morning. It looks good.

      • mkirkd says:

        Great I’ll check the photo quest for your post…I might have to change the rules as I guess we limited on photos on WP.

        I’m glad you framed the lake reflection shots….you might see if you have a gallery close to you that would take them for display.

        • I work with a girl who is trying to make a living doing photography. I’m going to check with her to see if there are any galleries, etc. in the area. I think there are one or two over on the other side of the county, but I don’t get over there. May have to make a trip one day this fall. Should I put together a portfolio to show? What format?

  4. mkirkd says:

    I have two portfolios, one with mostly horse photos and another with flowers and landscapes. I printed out the photos for my portfolio…for exhibit I usually email the smaller versions of my photos.

  5. mkirkd says:

    Well you will have to decide yourself on how many photos and and how many portfolios. I was told to have I think it was like 6 – 8 photos in total and you can see I didn’t follow that advice.

    • That sounds like a reasonable number. I need to get over to the gallery in Clarksville and see what they have. Someone told me there is a gallery in Troy (where I work) but I’m not sure.

      Another idea I had this morning is to exhibit photos at the local fair. I just need to get out more. My brother got a couple of blue ribbons on stuff he exhibited in the county fair in Kennett.

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