A cosmos from the past

Water Color Cosmos

Watercolor Cosmos

I usually have some cosmos, but not this year.  Doesn’t this one look stunning with the watercolor filter?


Cosmos by the lake

Couldn’t resist posting this one, too.  I threw out some wildflower seed by the lake one spring.  It does make a good background. 

Busy day at work today.  Our grand re-opening is tomorrow.  They have officially finished the remodel, although there are lots of little things behind the scenes that still need to be done.  Overall, the store does look much nicer.  More open and lighter.  Makes it look cleaner, too.  All of the tall display cases are gone. 

I did sleep better last night.  Took my next to last Lunesta.  I ask the pharmacy to call the doctor for a refill.  I didn’t have trouble falling asleep before I had surgery, but now every night is a struggle.  After two or three nights of rolling around for hours, I’m exhausted.  How do the rest of you cope with sleep?  Or lack thereof! 

No cooking tonight.  I ate cheesecake when I got home.  Had lots of leftovers, but nothing sounded good.  Not very nutritious, but it sure is good.  I only work 4 hours tomorrow.  It will be interesting to see if we have a mob of people coming in to see what’s up.  I did pick up a piece of flannel so I can work on another baby lovie.


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4 Responses to A cosmos from the past

  1. mkirkd says:

    Beautiful flower, I’ve never seen one before. Good luck today with the grand re-opening hope it goes well for you.

    Ah sleep, I don’t have any answeres tehre but I took that other sleep aid and one night had a terrible awful dream and I won’t take it again. If I can’t get to sleep I will take benedryl or excedrin PM and that helps.

    • I didn’t get my Lunesta presciption renewed, so tonight I will have to made do with Tylenol PM. We’ll see.

      Cosmos grow almost like a wildflower. I need to find a good place for them. The soil in my flower bed is so rich that they grow six feet tall! I know I have seen them grown in the highway median somewhere out east. They are very easy to grow.

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    What fantastic pictures! I love the second one. It is marvelous. I wish I could favorite it!!!! You are getting fabulous at taking pictures!

    • Linda Bange says:

      Wouldn’t it be striking as a big poster, a la Georgia O’Keefe? I love it when I get the focus on an object in the foreground and the background is all blurred.

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