Day trip

Took a day trip down to southern Missouri yesterday.  We have been storing the piano that my mother and her two sisters used when they took lessons a long time ago.  My mom’s twin is 94 now, so it may not be quite that old, but it’s been around awhile.  We moved it into our house in ’82, then moved it out about five years ago when we laid new flooring.  It had been in our shed since then, but yesterday we loaded it on the pickup and took off down the road. 

I used to live in the bootheel, and I’m not a spring chicken anymore, but I don’t remember ever seeing fields of cotton ready to be picked.  We went by acres of cotton fields west of Sikeston that had been sprayed to make the plants release the leaves so the bolls could be picked.  Very impressive.  We also got to see the picker and the baler, as well as big bales at the edge of the field waiting to be picked up.  All of my photos are taken out the window at 60 mph, so the quality isn’t the best. 

Cotton fields west of Sikeston

Cotton fields in southeast Missouri

They were combining fields of soybeans, too.  All of the rice had already been harvested.  This field of beans may have been planted after wheat, or where the water had been standing. 

Test field of soybeans

Soybean field

I can see now that it is a test plot.  I hadn’t noticed the small signs at the end of each different variety. 

My brother volunteered a lot of his time to help with the boy scouts over the years.  One of their projects was this totem pole made in memory of a former scout.  It stands in front of a building that the scouts use to store equipment such as tents, canoes, etc. 

Boy Scout totem pole

Totem pole in front of boy scout building

All of these photos were taken through the side window of the truck at 60 mph, so there is some glare, etc.  We visited for awhile, unloaded the piano, took a tour of a house my brother has been working on, then went to a nice restaurant for dinner.  I had shrimp while everyone else had catfish.  It was excellent!  The company was, too, and we had a really nice time.  By 7:00, we were back on the road for home. 

 Since I’m usually driving when I’m out on the road at night, or I don’t have my camera, I was able to fool around a lot on the drive home.  Here’s a couple of shots that I took through the front windshield.

car lights at night on highway 55

Car lights

car lights at night on highway 55

Car lights at night


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2 Responses to Day trip

  1. mkirkd says:

    Cool photos Country, nice to see the country side and what you saw on your drive. I often take photos from the car and it think it helps me with composition and being faster to set up a shot.

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