Triangle square baby lovie from Country By Design

It’s the same pink and brown fabrics that I used for a earlier lovie, but when the square are composed of triangles, it adds a new edge to the design.  It should be simple to put the squares together, but I really struggle to keep the pattern straight.  Even after I had it laid out, I had to change some of the squares when I started stitching them together. 

rag quilted baby lovie

Rag quilted baby lovie from Country By Design with triangle squares

I had all of the squares made last night, but it took me almost all day today to quilt them and sew them together.  I did have to made a trip to town to run some errands.  Took twice as long as I thought it would.  Doesn’t it always? 

We had 34 degrees this morning, and a lot of frost.  I went out and checked on the dahlia and it doesn’t look like it got nipped.  It is loaded with buds.  If we have another week or two of nice weather, it will be beautiful. 

Need to toddle off to bed.  Work again tomorrow!


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4 Responses to Triangle square baby lovie from Country By Design

  1. This is lovely. I am always amazed at your handy work.

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