More country flowers

Dahlia with nibbled petals

Dahlia with nibbled petals

Some critter thinks this dahlia is delicious.  Could it be the little green bug in the upper right hand corner?

Dahlia and buds

Pink dahlia and buds

I like the focus on the bud in this shot while the flower is out of focus.

Yellow and bronze mums

Yellow and bronze mums

Yesterday these mums had yellow centers and orange edges on the petals.  Today, the outer edges are bronze.  It is amazing how the same flower can change over just a few days. 

We had a shower of rain tonight.  It will be interesting to see if that makes things look different tomorrow.  I’ll let you know!


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2 Responses to More country flowers

  1. yancunyong says:

    I’m enjoying watching your beautiful flowers 🙂
    Regarding the 2nd photo of “Pink dahlia and buds”, I agree with you. Great shot!

    • I’ve enjoyed sharing my flowers with you, and all the other WordPress neighbors. My flower bed is positioned so that I can see it from my kitchen window, and from the window in the room where my computer it, but since we live out in the country, very few other people get to see it.

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