Home Sweet Home

My hubby wanted some photos of our house to show to a friend on Sunday. Rather than dig through the photo albums, I went out and took some more shots. The sun was low this afternoon, just right for photos.
IMG_1660.JPG - Flickr
This is the front of our house. Nothing fancy, but it is home sweet home. Most of what you can see here is original, built in 1908, including the roof and the windows. We have replaced some of the siding, and installed storm windows. All of the gingerbread is original. Lots of fun to paint!
IMG_1659.JPG - Flickr
The room to the right in this photo is what we added on in 1979. Actually the size and shape of the new addition is exactly the same as the original. The original porch here was screened in. It’s our front porch and front door, but we hardly ever use it. It’s more of an emergency exit than anything else. There is always something setting in front of it.
IMG_1653.JPG - Flickr
The first dahlia to open is over the hill while this bud is just beginning to open. I like the contrast of the old and the new.


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10 Responses to Home Sweet Home

  1. yancunyong says:

    How sweet your home is!
    Your architectural photograph is very nice. I hope your friend asks you to take pictures of his/her house as well 🙂

  2. Freedom Smith says:

    Your home is lovely!! I love the front shot and the woodworking around the roof! Wonderful picture.

  3. realworld234 says:

    What I love is that I don’t see any fences around your home. It makes me feel that I can take a deep² breath when I go out. So sad that my compatriots use to fence their homes. It’s breathtaking – in a very strange way….

    • That is one of the things we love about living out here. No fences and the dogs have the run of the place. They are never tied up or fenced in, yet most of the time they are right under your feet when you go out the door.

  4. You have a very lovely home. Your original section is almost as old as the original section of my house. We have a foundation stone that has the date 1904 chiseled into it on the original section of the house.

  5. Erin says:

    Oh, your house IS special, and so beautiful!

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