Another beautiful weekend in the country

I got home last night with just enough time to get a couple of shots in before the sun went down, then I ran out of steam before I got them posted. There is more color in the trees every day, but not like some places. We haven’t gotten any rain to speak of this month, and no killing frost. The new dahlia is the most exciting thing happening here.
The old and the new
Edited dahlia
Pink dahlia

Pink dahlia, natural setting


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2 Responses to Another beautiful weekend in the country

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    How gorgeous!! I like the second picture the best. The pink color is so vivid and I really like the angle of the flower in that picture! Wow. Such beauty. Nice to see a flower. I am busy here looking at fall leaves, not that I am complaining.

  2. The dahlia is the only thing I have left that is still pretty. I did get a cute shot of the yellow mums today that I will post later.

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