More photos from Tuesday

My hubby took the dogs away from the house this afternoon, so I took advantage of the situation to go out and try to get some photographs. The sun was too bright, but I decided to try anyway. See what you think.
Yellow mums
These little yellow mums don’t make much of a statement by themselves, but this trellis adds just the right amount of contrast and interest.
I'm going in!
The bugs were lovin’ the dahlias today.
The small green beetle with black spots
Big bumblebee and little green bug
The bugs and the bees were busy having lunch.
The dahlia and the bumblebeen
All the bug and bee shots were shot from the hip. Partly to keep from creating a shadow, and partly to keep from getting stung. I got stung by a bumblebee once, and I’m still afraid of them.

We are still enjoying incredible weather. Cool at night and nice and warm during the day. It was 34 degrees this morning with lots of frost, but it still hasn’t gotten cold enough to kill any vegetation. Most of the crops around here are out, and the wheat is coming up. It hasn’t rained all month. I should be watering my flowers, but it seems so strange to be watering things in October!


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