New Etsy listings from Country By Design

I finished the first blue baby lovie, and listed it on Etsy. However it is reserved for someone, so I need to start making another one tonight. I think it turned out nice.
2010_10_19 - Tuesday 007
I’m always thinking about ways to use some of the vintage denim that I have collected, all of it worn by family members. Last night I thought it would be cute to make denim coaters and hot pads with homespun tree shapes. At first I was going to cut out the trees, but then I figured out how to fold them out of a square, origami style, and there it was! They look so much more finished with the red borders. You can see more pictures on Flickr or at

2010_10_19 - Tuesday 013

Thanks, one and all, for figuring out how to use Flickr to upload photos to WordPress. It is so much faster and easier, and it saves on space, too.


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2 Responses to New Etsy listings from Country By Design

  1. sandra says:

    is that chineil or just WHAT?

    • Rag quilts are made with sandwiches. Usually, the front fabric and the back fabric have a piece of batting as “filling” for the sandwich. In my lovies, I use one layer of quilt fabric and two layers of flannel, one as the backing and one as the “filling”. The seams are stitched to the right side, then clipped. When the item is washed, the flannel seam allowances fray out and create the fluffy effect.

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