My Halloween decorations

I usually don’t do any decorating for Halloween, but this year I decided I should do something. Doesn’t this guy look real?
2010_10_30 - Saturday 008.JPG - Flickr


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13 Responses to My Halloween decorations

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    You are teasing us. He is real!

    • Yes, it’s my idea of a bad joke! He is real. But I didn’t pose him. We had put out rat poison because we had an invasion of rats, no cats, and the dogs weren’t catching them. In fact, they ignore them. He conveniently crawled up to the corner of the house where it meets the porch and died. I wouldn’t touch him for the world.

  2. ladywise says:

    Yes, I agree with Freedom. He’s got to be real.

    • Yes, he is. And he is dead. Or I wouldn’t have been able to get a picture. What are the odds of a rat crawling up to your house and dying just in time for Halloween? He looks like he is ready to crawl out and get you. I did a double take the first time I saw him, then I went to grab my camera. He is still in the same place. The dogs won’t touch him.

  3. Katharine says:

    too real — are you framing photos of creepy crawly animals for halloween?

  4. I saw this when you first added to your flickr account but I had not commented yet. I wondered how you could have gotten such a close up shot of a live rat. I thought maybe it was someone’s pet rat or that it was dead. Now from your comments I know it was one that had died.

    It is good that your dog did not bother it after it died from the poison. I have not seen a rat around here in a long time, but we still have a problem with mice. One of the facts of rural life.

    • We have not had as much trouble as usual with mice this year. Usually by this time they are trying to take over. I have been more careful than usual about leaving food out on the counters, and we lock the dog food up in a metal bin. The mice or the rats ate a huge hole in the plastic garbage can we had in the garage with dog food in it. Yes, when you have open fields and/or cultivated fields all around your house, you are going to have mice. We used to have cats, but the dogs ran them off.

      I’m still surprised that the rat came from where-ever up to the house. And crawled back in that corner, then turned around to come out just as he died. Too weird!

  5. Aussie Emjay says:

    LOL – I think that’s a wonderful “trick” …

  6. You’ve posted a pic of the animal that most terrifies me. It’ll be nightmares tonight!

  7. mkirkd says:

    Wow he sure does look real….I read through the comments and see that he was real at one time. We have wood rats, pack rats, kangaroo rats and mice along with the roundtail squirrels and the antelope squirrels oh and a rock squirrel too. They don’t come into the house but do head for the hay barn.

    I can’t keep cats as the coyotes and bob cats get them.

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