Country By Design place mats

I unpacked my red and green fabric and started working on some quilted items for Christmas. Saw a picture on line that gave me the idea for these placemats. I want to explore some more uses for the little Christmas trees. I think they are so cute!
2010_11_12 - table mats 033
A single right click on the photo will take you to the Flickr page with all the other photos. Or you can check it out at

Rural farmstead in 2010

I took this shot on Sunday when we were driving around looking at the work they had been doing on all the ditches. I didn’t download the image to the computer until today. I am standing at the edge of the corn field that runs along the side of our house and buildings. It’s a typical farmstead with a house, trees, sheds, and bins.

I did a lot more cooking than usual today since I have to work tomorrow, and we will have deer hunters at the house. I made chicken and vegetable soup for lunch today with rice krispie bars made with puffed brown rice instead of rice krispies. They were better than the original. They had more flavor. They didn’t last very long. We ate the whole pan.

I also put a roast in the oven about noon at 300 degrees so it would cook slow. Hubby has a hard time eating most meat, but when I slow cook it, then make it into BBQ, he can eat it just fine. So I made a big pot of BBQ with homemade sauce, black beans cooked from the dry beans, gluten free risotto (very good), and cornbread using a mix. The cornbread was the best gluten free mix I have tried. It was so good. A little more like cake than traditional cornbread, but good nonetheless.

Late this afternoon, hubby notices that I had picked up the wrong deer tags on Wednesday, so he made another trip to town for the right ones while I finished cooking dinner. It took longer than he thought it would because they were busy (imagine that!), so I went ahead and ate a couple of pieces of cornbread and some rice. Then I was full. Is it just my imagination, or is my gluten free food keeping me full longer?


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6 Responses to Country By Design place mats

  1. Aussie Emjay says:

    I love the colours in the photo – I love rural scenes. Do the deer hunters have to have a license to hunt? Do you have to give permission for them to be on your land? What are deer tags? (so many questions! :-))

  2. Hi, Emjay! I’ll try to answer your questions. I’m sure they do sound like Greek to you. Each state in the United States has a Consevation Department that writes the rules for hunting and fishing seasons, etc. In MO, the hunting season for deer started on Saturday. Each hunter has to have a license to hunt and has to prove that they have taken a hunter safety course. Additionally, they have to purchase a “tag” for each deer they hope to shoot. The tag is attached to the leg of the animal to prove that they were taken legally. Landowners don’t have to have a license to hunt on their own land, plus they receive a certain number of tags free based on the number of acres they own. Each hunter is responsible for asking the land owner if they may hunt on their land, and if and where they can put up “deer stands” which are usually a ladder up to a platform up about 15 feet in the air that is attached to a tree to give the hunter a better view of the deer through the trees and brush. Most of them are pretty primative, but if you search online, you will find some that are like luxury cabins on stilts!

    We had people from four different families hunting on our property this year. They were all sort of related to us by blood or marriage. They killed four deer yesterday and another one this morning. The landowners feed them all year because they prefer row crops like soybeans and corn to what they can find in the wild, so we don’t feel bad about harvesting some of them each fall.

    Sorry this is such a long, drawn out answer to a rather simple question!

  3. mkirkd says:

    I love your farm photo…it is just beautiful….my son already got his deer in Nevada weeks ago…your season must start late. My son and his wife each got a buck this year…and they didn’t go for elk this year..son has three freezers, one for fish, one for deer and one for elk…I guess the two deer filled both the deer and elk freezers.

    Why the new diet? Are you alergic to gluten

    • I’m not going to go through the trouble of being tested for gluten sensitivity, but my sister has been diagnosed with celiac disease, so my odds aren’t very good. Plus, while doing some reading, I put two and two together and thought that one of the reasons my hubby felt so much better while we were doing the Adkins diet may have been the fact that we didn’t eat any bread products.

      Well, we’ve been pretty much gluten free now for a couple of weeks and the difference is amazing. Hubby doesn’t feel like he did when he was 20, but he doesn’t complain of odd aches and pains as much as he did, and I feel 200 percent better. I had decided that gas and bloating and indigestion were just a fact of life, but they are completely gone now, except for when I eat too much dairy. I don’t have lactose intolerance, but if you are sensitive to gluten, most of the time you are also sensitive to dairy. Bummer! Going gluten free has been much easier than I thought it would be. Eating out might be a challenge, but we don’t eat out once in the blue moon, so no worry!

      So glad to hear that your family all got deer this year. We had four different families hunting here this weekend. They got four deer on Saturday and another one today. Our son didn’t get one, but he wasn’t trying very hard. He lives in Iowa now, so it would have been a pain to hassle with.

      I think I’m going to get the farm photo blown up and framed to give to my hubby for Christmas. He hasn’t seen it yet. He loves the lake photo that I gave him for his birthday. He shows it to everyone who comes to the house.

  4. mkirkd says:

    Wow that is something about the gluten…I don’t eat a lot of bread and very little processed foods with my alergy to citric acid. I’m lucky I don’t have any stomach issues. I’m happy that this diet works well for both you and your hubby as it would be hard to have to cook two different meals.

    • Linda Bange says:

      He wants to try doing the Adkins diet again, so I may have to try doing both. It may not be as hard as I think it will be because most low carb foods are also gluten free.

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