Another gloomy day in the country

It was cloudy when I got up this morning and it was  still cloudy when I got home.  Worked an extra hour today.  This morning I helped the bread department get going.  I had helped package before, but this was the first time I helped get the bread ready to go in the oven or helped with “break out”, which is getting the bread to be baked the next day out of the freezer and placed on baking sheets.   I don’t know exactly how many loaves of bread and dozens of rolls we break out, but it seems like a lot when you are working with it.  I was able to package some of the rolls we baked first before I went to lunch. 

After lunch, I was a cake lady again.  I made cupcakes and extra sheet cakes that will be put out in the cake case later this week.  We have to get extras down on the first three days of the week, because later in the week all we get done is the orders. 

This photo was taken about a month ago, but believe it or not, this petunia is still blooming.  It has gotten down in the 20s here several times, but it is hanging on my porch, and I always make sure it is well watered when it is going to get really cold.

Purple petunia

Purple petunia


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10 Responses to Another gloomy day in the country

  1. Ah, here I found you 🙂
    Sounds like helluva lot of work that you’ve been doing again. I hope it won’t continue like this all the way through Christmas. On the other hand I guess having A LOT to do in everything sales it’s a luxury problem 😉

    • Hi! Great to hear from you. I tried leaving a comment about your witch cake, but I think I lost it before I got it posted.

      We will be busy from now until the end of the year, I hope. I only have to work one day next week. Yeah! It will be nice to have Thanksgiving off, and the day after.

  2. ladywise says:

    I love petunias! I can remember one year that my sister had petunias lining her sidewalk in the front of the house and it had snowed and they were still sitting there just as bright and vivid in color sticking up out of the snow. It was amazing.

  3. Freedom Smith says:

    What a lovely flower. The deep color of blue is wonderful.

    Sounds like a very busy day. Did you enjoy helping with the bread? Something different to do, anyway. I wonder how many cakes you have decorated in your life. Are you doing better now, after surgery, and is it hurting less to stand?

    • The color of the petunia is so intense it almost looks fake.

      I did enjoy helping with the bread, but I’m glad I don’t have to do it every day. It would be interesting to try to come up with an estimate on the number of cakes I have decorated. On a good day, I can do about 20. I missed 9 weeks of work this year, so that’s going to hurt my total!

      Most of the time, my knees do not hurt at all, even after standing for 8 or 9 hours. I had some swelling on Monday, but I think it was because I sat on the floor to play with the grandkids on Sunday. I’m fine today.

  4. Foto feedback: The focal point is on the real petal, rendering the forefront flower out of focus.

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