Country By Design Baby Blanket

Even though this blanket was a gift, I wanted to share a couple of photos because I was impressed by the finished project. It’s made from the Pure collection by Moda.
2010_11_25 - baby lovie 002
2010_11_25 - baby lovie 004
2010_11_25 - baby lovie 005
2010_11_25 - baby lovie 007


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14 Responses to Country By Design Baby Blanket

  1. allycat says:

    wanna run my hand over fuzzy!!!!

  2. Very nice! A couple of years back I was looking for a quilt that had all those colours in it. Maybe I should put on in order with you 😉

    • I have never tried to make anything bigger than a baby quilt. I think I would want to make the squares larger if I wanted to make it bigger. And part of the charm is the small squares with lots of fluffy stuff.

  3. Oops sorry. ‘One’ not ‘on’. It’s still early here 😀

  4. mkirkd says:

    Oh my gosh this is so cute! I love the colors as they are not the traditional blues and they look old fashion…love it! I bet you could sell these like hot cakes on Etsy!!!

    • I can’t keep blue and brown baby lovies in stock on Etsy. They are selling like hot cakes. I’m want to make another one for my great grandson for Christmas, but I think I’m make a couple for Etsy first.

  5. kerstin66 says:

    how nice and pretty it looks….I have an new amarliys-perhaps you have a look on my page,,,,,hope all is o.k….I miss your comments on my blog

  6. ladywise says:

    Very nice CbD! I love the colors in it too.

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