The contact adventure and other happenings

Both of us went to the dermatologist today for our annual cancer screenings, but more about that later.  The weirdest thing to happen since my last post started on Saturday afternoon.  I took a shower with my contacts in which I usually don’t do only because I usually take a shower right after I get up.  Anyway, by the time I walked up the stairs, my right eye was really hurting.  Thought perhaps I had gotten some shampoo in my eye so I put in some eye drops.  Still hurting.  Okay.   I’ll take out the contact.  After several attempts, I give up.  I picked up something off the counter, but couldn’t read it, so I figured I most have lost the contact in the shower, although my eye is still hurting. 

I had a spare contact for my right eye, so I tried putting it in, but that didn’t work, so I took it back out.  I can drive without glasses, but I took them with me to see to read at Mass.  My eye was still hurting but I tried to put it out of my mind.  Went to bed, got up Monday morning, took my glasses to work, and got through the day, but the pain was still there.  I tried putting the spare contact in again when I got home from work, I felt better for a little while, but soon I had to take it back out.  Got thru the evening with my glasses and went to bed, but my eye was hurting so bad that I couldn’t sleep. 

At this point, I figure I don’t have anything to lose, so I go to the bathroom and rub my eye hard until the contact falls out.  It was stuck up on my eyeball somewhere.  Took my Lunesta and promptly fell asleep.

This morning, I took my shower first, then put in the contact that had gotten lost on Saturday, and spent the day being able to see without pain.  Yeah! 

Back to the dermatologist.  I have had a cancer on my ear removed and several pre-cancerous places treated over the years, so the dermatologist is like an old friend.  Today she frozen a place on my forehead, and a place on each leg.  I never did lay out in the sun to get a tan or use a tanning bed, but I have had a few sunburns over the years, and I’m not very faithful with my sunscreen.  I also have to put a lotion on my nose every night that will kill the top layer or two of skin cells over the next four weeks.  I’ll look like Rudolph by Christmas!  It least I can cover it up with makeup during the day. 

Moral of the day:  Stay out of the sun and get cancer screenings, especially if you have a family history of cancer.  And use your sunscreen!  (note to self)


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8 Responses to The contact adventure and other happenings

  1. mkirkd says:

    Youa re so smart to take good care of your skin…I try to remember to put on sun screen in the winter but sometimes I forget. I’ve had two skin cancers on my head of all places!

    • That is weird! Mine aren’t in places you would expect, either. Off to the left side of my face, just above the eyebrow, and down on my legs a couple of inches above the ankles and off to the side. You would think they would be on the end of my nose or the backs of my hands. The cancer I had was on the little bump that sticks out right in front of your ear. My hubby’s make more sense. Two on his left arm and one on his right shoulder.

  2. That’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a couple of years now. Just to be sure. There isn’t really a reason for me to worries (as in: changes of dark spots, history of cancer in the family) but I kind of want to be ahead of things. So finding a dermatologist without having to go the whole round through my assigned physician, to then get a referral to …… *sigh*

    • Luckily, I don’t have to go through another doctor to see my dermatologist. I know a lot of people do, and that is a real pain. The places I have that are precancers are very innocent looking spots. They are flat, light in color, and perfect in shape. Not like the pictures you see in the magazines at all.

  3. lol, a little Rudolph, just in time for the holidays. I wear contacts occasionally and that pain of a contact lodged high on the eyeball is distinct and immediately recognizable and enough to drive ya batty!

    This one occasion I was at a pub or eatery when I felt it swim its way into the hinterlands of the eyeball. Employing the bright lights of the restroom vanity, for a good long while I tugged at the upper eyelid every which direction to locate that sucker! Sometimes contacts get so folded up and tiny in there that it’s impossible to distinguish it from eye tissue, even under bright lights! Never did get it out then and spent the rest of the evening looking like a harlot winking at the patrons.

    Eventually they do work themselves down so they can be plucked out or fall out naturally. Such irritation and fuss caused by innocent-looking thin filmy discs!!

  4. trailblazer1 says:

    Ah, living in Southern CA and not always wearing sunscreen or a hat. Tomorrow I go to the dermatologist – I am hoping also not to look like Rudolph . . . My hubby has spots all over, surfer in his youth. He doesn’t have to go to the dermatologist, his doc freezes them.
    We get the strangest things in weird places – but we could be living where there is no medical insurance and little help with our problems. At least that’s some comfort.

    • Yes, I’m glad I have health insurance. Since I have already paid my deductable this year, if is even nicer. You are lucky if you have a doctor who will take care of all those spots. Here we have to go to a dermatologist. Our primary care docs don’t seem to think they are anything to worry about. I don’t want them to get to the point of being something to worry about.

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