Winter flowers, edited

I’m going to try posting the Christmas cactus and the spider plant flowers again to see if I can get them to open on this page. I had the HTML tab checked last night, so I don’t know what happened. Here we go again.
2010_12_10 - Friday 003

2010_12_10 - Friday 004

2010_12_10 - Friday 009

2010_12_10 - Friday 010

2010_12_10 - Friday 011

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21 Responses to Winter flowers, edited

  1. It does look like you got it to work this time. all the photos show up and only one of them is duplicated.

    The Christmas cactus is still my favorite. The coloring of the flower is so bright it almost looks like it has a light inside of it.

  2. you got it to work! the last three are so similar; is there a reason for that?

  3. Very nice. I love how the rays of sun play in.

  4. mkirkd says:

    Oh you nailed these photos girl! my Christmas cactus will bloom around Easter…ha, ha, ha…never at Christmas.

  5. mkirkd says:

    I’m excited that you are doing a photo quest post…doesn’t look like anyone else is interested.

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