Photo Quest #108

Christmas cactus bloom

I took a series of photos for Photo Quest #108 last Tuesday of my Christmas cactus when the lighting was perfect.  This is one of the series.  I will post the rest on Photo Quest. 

Today was another cooking day.  I made a batch of no bake cookies this morning because I needed a gift in a hurry.  Also wrapped a couple of things and finished my Christmas cards.  My pulled pork turned out so good the other day that I made something similar with beef today.  Putting it in the crock pot makes it really tender.  Also made some more cranberry sauce.  I will get tired of it, but right now I love it.  Tonight I finished a little pillow and made another pot holder.  I’ll post those pictures in a few.


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6 Responses to Photo Quest #108

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    What a gorgeous picture. Quite a contrast to the snow and ice we have here!! I love the shape and color of the flower!!

  2. kerstin66 says:

    I love Christmas cacuts bloom….I have one at home. Fantastic colour in the boring winter time.

  3. mizunogirl says:

    gorgeous Christmas Cactus! I can never get mine to bloom at the Xmas time!!!

    • I put mine out on my screened in porch that is on the east side of the house as soon as I’m sure it won’t freeze in the spring. Then I leave it out right up until the weather drops below freezing in the fall before I bring them in. They almost always bloom at Christmas. I have heard that letting them get dry will help, too. It seems that they need a bit of stress to make them bloom.

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