Gluten free cookies and other stuff

Chocolate oatmeal cookies with cranberries

So far, this is my favorite gluten free recipe.  I made some good chocolate almond biscotti this week that is good, too.  I also tried a recipe for rolls.  They are okay, but not the same as rolls made with wheat flour at all.  They were more like muffins. 

We went to our granddaughter’s birthday party today.  She was born on Christmas Eve, so we always celebrate her birthday the weekend (or two) before Christmas.  I should have taken some pictures, but I tried to stay out of the kitchen as much as possible.  I feel the need to nibble if there is food setting about, and we had lots of it today.  The birthday girl’s other grandmother has celiac disease, so we compared gluten free cookies and recipes.  She has to be a lot more careful than I do.  I even ate half of a roll that one of the kids left on their plate. 

We got a call on Friday from our Texas daughter.  One of her twins had fallen and broken her arm.  It snapped right above her elbow.  She had to wait until today to have surgery to set it and insert pins as well as get her cast.  It was late this afternoon before they got home.  A lot more excitement than they had planned for the weekend! 

Tomorrow starts my countdown to Christmas.  I must get serious about making a list to make sure I get everything done.  I’d rather not leave so much til the last minute this year.  First thing will be to decide how much decorating I want to do.  Last year I cut back drastically, and no one even noticed much less cared one way or the other!  I do enjoy getting out all the decorations, but I’m not that crazy about putting everything away again later.


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4 Responses to Gluten free cookies and other stuff

  1. Freedom Smith says:

    The cookies look awesome! It sounds like you have a lot to do this week! Are you going to be out in the crowds and traffic shopping? I hope it goes well!

  2. The cookies are yummy, and they don’t have any wheat flour, but you would never guess. My daughter, who eats totally gluten free because she has Hasimoto’s, said they were really good. My hubby, who doesn’t care if they have gluten or not, likes them, too.

    I have to go to work three days this week, but I don’t have to get out and do any shopping, except for food. It sounds like the weather could be a bit iffy again this week. We missed the really bad stuff last time.

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hi again CbD, You wouldn’t happen to have a recipe you could share for those tasty looking cookies, would you? My husband has recently gone gluten free and I’m trying to put together some “normal” things that he can eat and missing out on desserts are the worst for him. So far he’s been losing about a pound/day and, you know it might not be such a bad idea for all of us to “get on board”! Many thanks for any help.

    • Okay, I just posted comments to answer all of your questions, but it looks like they got lost somewhere. Bummer! I’ll try to go back and try again. Yes, I think I do have the cranberry oatmeal cookie recipe. Let me see what I can find. I’ve kind of fallen off the gluten free wagon. I don’t have celiac disease, but I am celiac intolerant. The cookies are yummy. I need to made some more.

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