Country sunset

Country Winter Sunset

It has been mostly cloudy here for several days.  Yesterday the sun peeked out just at sunset, so I braved the elements to get a shot. 

I was doing some cleaning yesterday and came across several items that I had made some time ago and completely forgotten about.  I must have made them right before I started selling on Etsy.  So today I have been busy listing them.  Slooooow process!  Even when I format the photo so they are only 1000 pixels square, it still takes a long time to upload a set of five. 

I had been having issues with my computer for a week or so and couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Finally this morning I remembered that I had downloaded an online backup program recently, that I never could get to work.  I uninstalled the program and now my computer is working great again.  How do you back up your files?  I need to do something. 

I wrapped a few more presents this morning, so I’m getting closer to being ready for Christmas.  I have to work two and a half days this week, but my family isn’t coming until Sunday, the 26th, so I have an extra day to get ready.  Hopefully, everything except the cooking will be done by then.


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12 Responses to Country sunset

  1. Backup – get an external hard drive, a flash drive or do it online, for example Carbonite, a great site!

  2. mkirkd says:

    Great sunset photo! I have two external 1 TB external hard drives, one has all my files and I back up to the other one. I do burn to DVDs abut not everything.

    • I’ve got documents on a CD-R, pictures on one flash drive and other stuff on another flash drive. I think that will work for now. I really would have liked an online system so I didn’t have to think about it. Don’t know why some programs will not load on this computer. I had the same problem with a anti virus program.

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