Christmas decorations

I took my camera with me on Sunday morning to get some more snow pictures, but most of them didn’t turn out.  The truck windows are tinted and they are dirty, so I was handicapped from the start.  I will wade through them to see if any are worth printing. 

However, since I had my camera in my coat pocket, I did take some photos of our church decorations.  I was really surprised by how well they turned out since I didn’t turn on the flash. 

Today is the first time since Saturday that I’ve gotten on-line, so I’ve missed a lot, and may never catch up!  Sorry if I didn’t comment on your blog. 

I’ve done laundry today and worked on the computer, trying to catch up.  I most proud of the fact that I was able to back up my documents to a CD-R, and I’m getting my photos backed up to a flash drive.  It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be and much cheaper than the alternatives.  I know I will have to keep adding new files as I create them, but hopefully I can do it on a weekly basis or something. 

I still have to work two more days this week, but that’s okay.  I needed today to get reorganized after Sunday.  We had 40+ people here for our family Christmas celebration which went really well.  I didn’t have to cook very much at all, just Brussel sprouts and edemame (how’s that for Christmas vegetables!).  We had plenty of food, but not too much left over, just enough that I still haven’t had to cook.  I didn’t take any photos.  There were just too many people.  If I hadn’t been busy I should have gone out and gotten some shots of people playing in the snow, but it didn’t happen. 

Time to go dig out some more leftovers!  Here’s the pictures from church.

Arrangement in front of the altar

Arrangement in front of lectern

Christmas wreath


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4 Responses to Christmas decorations

  1. mkirkd says:

    40 people for Christmas dinner…I do miss the big family dinners. I was the one in my family that did the big dinners and included everyone..bit it was more like 25 people. My hubby isn’t much for company so I don’t entertain much. He is great when we have company and is a big help with getting things ready. We don’t have any family near my daugher is about 100 miles away. She doesn’t come often as he hubby and son are alergic to dogs and cats and we live with two of each. it is sad for me not to have my grandsons come and visit and stay with me but maybe the youngest will be OK and not alergice time will tell. I’m lucky my granddaughters aren’t allergic but they live 500 miles away. I wanted my one granddaughter to visit for Christmas but my lazy son won’t drive her 1/2 way. But I’m really glad we didn’ get her as I’m still not 100% recovered from the wisdom teeth surgery.

    • It was a major undertaking. All six of my kids with their families came, plus my sister (who lives about 5 hours away), one brother (who lives 4 hours away), and my other brother from Detroit. Their families came, too, including the only married nephew and his wife from Springfield, IL. One daughter and one sister in law are allergic to dogs, so we made Lady stay outside. We usually try to get together at least once a year. It is getting harder all the time. Our daughter and her family flew up from Houston and another son drove down (4 hours) from Iowa.

      Wish you could have been together with your family. It just doesn’t seem like Christmas if we don’t get together. Everyone brought food so the only thing I fixed was vegetables.

  2. mkirkd says:

    Oh I was with my daughter and her family for Christmas….but she doesn’t cook for us. Weird isn’t it as I always cooked big dinners for the holidays and invited everyone…she doesn’t invite us so I either invite myself or invite them. So instead of a Christmas dinner, I brought brie, crackers and she had some other cheese stuff.

    • Linda Bange says:

      The important thing was that you were together. We didn’t cook a big, traditional dinner either. Ribs, BBQ, ham, party potatoes, salad, rolls and a couple of vegetables. Just cookies and candy for dessert. And fresh fruit.

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