Post A Day – #2 – Approaching Storm

Approaching Storm

On Friday morning, we were under a tornado watch.   The sun was shining at our house, but you could see the approaching storm.  There was an interesting contrast  between the white of the tree branches and the dark storm clouds.  The photo needs more pixels for the white branches to show up. 

We went down to the basement for an hour or so, but all we got was wind, rain, and a little hail.  It got up into the 60s during the afternoon.  It was only 17 this morning.  It was cold!


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4 Responses to Post A Day – #2 – Approaching Storm

  1. ladywise says:

    We are still in the 50’s here. We went from freezing rain and snowing right back up into the 50’s and 60’s. I think it actually hit the low 70’s in some places New Year’s Eve. Thank goodness though because I had kids to occupy sitting at the hospital all day waiting on my grandson to be born. The hospital had a nice little tree lined walking trail off of the parking lot so I spent quite a bit of time out there entertaining the kids. I took a bunch of pictures too. Imagine that! lol

  2. Those are some schizo temps!

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