Post A Day #3 – What is it?

I tried updating my time zone profile last night so my posts would show the right date, so we will see.  It is 9:09 pm on Monday, 1/3/11.  Somehow my posts have always been a day ahead. 

Here’s another photo from the series I shot on Friday.  I decided to see if anyone can guess what it is.  I’ll give you a hint.  The photo was taken in my yard. 

Mystery Photo

Today was a rather normal day at work.  I did two signature cakes, a big one (SpongeBob) and a small one (Barbie), and a regular 1/4 sheet with three princesses.  Then I made 11 extra 1/4 sheets for the cake case.  A fairly productive day.  I worked until 5:00, did a bit of shopping, then still had to fix dinner, but I was lucky.  I still had leftovers.  And I had picked up a package of instant potatoes.  Don’t usually care for them, but either these were really good or I was really hungry.  Could be a bit of both.  Some frozen mixed vegetables and a sliced red pepper rounded out the meal. 

I got some good news today, too.  Two photos out of the last set I submitted to iStock have been accepted.  Yeah! 

I’ve been thinking about my Etsy shop, too.  For the time being anyway, I am only going to make things that I really like that I can use for gifts if they don’t sell.  I’m not going to look for the latest and the greatest, at least not now.  And I’m going to spend more time on my photography.  Not having much of anything outside to take photos of will give me more time to do some editing.  I want to find a photo for the latest Photo Quest about textures.  I’ve done a little bit with textures, but not much.  I love water color filters.  Perhaps I will like textures, too, if I spend some time working with them. 

Now I’m off to create a spreadsheet so I can keep better track of where my money goes.  Perhaps I will be more critical if I know I’m going to have to write it down when I get home!


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4 Responses to Post A Day #3 – What is it?

  1. I want to say it the photo is of a tree limb or trunk. Or maybe it is of rocks.

    Am I close?

    (for your time zone settings you should be able to pick the same thing I have, so go to DASHBOARD>SETTINGS>GENERAL and then in the time zone box you can set it either by a city name (they use Chicago for our time zone) or you can set it by the UTC calculation, which for us is UTC -6. Either one of those should get your timezone squared away (I did it by city in case that made any difference during daylight savings time). From everything that I understand so far this will only correct future post, it will not correct the time and date of past post. To fix that you will have to go into each individual post and correct it on the edit page. On whatever post you want to correct the date on, open it in edit mode, then in the ‘publish’ box in the upper right hand side of the page you will see the date and time that the post was originally published. Next to the date is and edit button, click on that and you can change the date and time. Once you have changed it to the date and time you want, click on the ‘ok’ button. Then if you are all done and do not have any other editing to do on the post, just hit the update button. I hope this is helpful, let me know if you need more help)

    • You are right. It is a tree trunk. It is interesting that it almost looks like rocks.

      I think I’ve figured out what my problem is with my time zone issue. My blog is 12 hours ahead because I’m always trying to set it at night. I intended to try this morning, but it was 12:05 by the time I got logged on. LOL I’m going to try again tomorrow. I’m not going to go back and edit past posts. They aren’t time sensitive anyway.

      • Oh cool I was right.

        What time of the day you actually set your time zone should not matter, it is just a matter of picking the right setting, and then making sure to hit that “save changes” button near the bottom of the page.

        • The photo was a close up of one of our pine trees. It was warm enough Friday morning that the moss had started growing and was really weird.

          You are right about the time zone. I finally figured out that I was clicking on “+6” instead of “-6”. Isn’t it strange how such a small thing can make such a big difference!

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