Post A Day 2011 – #5 – Etsy listings

Set of four vintage denim coasters

Here’s the vintage denim coasters that I finished last night.  The sun was bright this afternoon when I took the photographs for Etsy. 

Set of two coasters with funky red and white hearts

I’ve never combined fabrics the way I did in these hearts before.   I think I’m going to play around a little bit more with the concept.  I do like the fact that the coasters are a set but they aren’t identical.  I didn’t get these listed on Etsy until tonight.  My computer crashed again this afternoon while the photos were uploading and I lost everything. 

So I decided to go do something else for a while and went downstairs to work on dinner.  I’d just poured the water in the coffee pot when the electricity went off!  I had put some meat in the oven at lunch time, so I got it out and shredded it.  I wanted to put it in gravy, but by the time the electricity came back on two hours later, I was completely out of the mood to cook anything. 

Instead, I went downstairs and worked on another set of coasters.  I got them finished but I’ll wait until I wash them to take a picture.  All of my laundry is done now, so it may be a couple of days.  If I make something large, I’ll wash it by itself, because washing them does create a lot of lint, but I don’t want to run a cycle in the washer and dryer for four little coasters. 

I also watched the results show for Live to Dance.  Did anyone else watch either show?  Tonight wasn’t as interesting, but they did show clips of all the acts that made it into the semi finals.  And I missed what they said about next week’s show.  Did anyone else catch it?

I made some awesome gluten free peanut butter cookies today, too.  I haven’t been thrilled with all of the gluten free recipes I’ve tried, but all of the cookie recipes have been keepers.


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8 Responses to Post A Day 2011 – #5 – Etsy listings

  1. ladywise says:

    I love the red coasters. I didn’t watch the show tonight. I thought they said Thursday and I don’t remember seeing it in the listings either. I hope I didn’t make the kids miss it because we enjoyed it the first night. Oh well. I guess we’ll watch it next week!

    • I hope it wasn’t on again tonight. I thought they said Thursday of next week, but then they said at some other point that it would be going head to head with American Idol. I’m going to stick with Paula. Singing is interesting, but I love dancing. I’ll have to check the listings.

      Glad you like the red coasters. I had pulled all of my red fabric out and spread it out to see if something came to me. I’m going to play around with the two fabric hearts again.

  2. frizztext says:

    I like your red white design
    change the direction!
    greetings by
    frizztext, Germany

  3. JulieB says:

    Yum. The peanut butter cookies sound good! Can I get the recipe for my mom?

  4. With all your sewing, I’m curious whether you have a somewhat industrial machine?

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