Post a Day 2011 #6 – It’s Thursday

Lovely Lady

I dipped into the archives tonight for a picture for my blog.  I posted this one a couple of years ago on Vox.  We still have Lady, although we figured out recently that she has been here about 10 years.  She just appeared at our back door one Saturday morning in December.  We have never made any attempt to make her stay.  She is free to go anytime she wants to, but she never goes further than our two closest neighbors.  My hubby bought a RTV last year, and she loves to ride in the mini bed.  If he goes across the road to his brother’s house on the RTV, and she doesn’t ride along (because she isn’t at the house)  but she hears him going down the road, she will walk/run over there so she can ride home.  I think that is so funny.  She was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, and she still has some small tumors, but most of the time you would never know anything was wrong.  We do let her come in the house in winter or when a storm is coming, but the rest of the time, she stays outside. She loves children and will let them lay on her and pull her tail without reacting in any way.  We have been blessed by her presence in our lives. 

It was just another day in the neighborhood today.  Got to watch a perfect sunrise on my way in to work this morning.  I ended up working by myself today.  Was really busy all day, but still had as many orders for tomorrow that needed to be done as I had had when I got there this morning.  It has been a long time since I have taken so many orders in one day.  I hated to leave so much for the decorators tomorrow, but we are really discouraged from working past our clock-out time. 

Tomorrow is running errands day.  I’m going to return a few things, get my hair cut, go to the  bank, etc.  I could do some of those things on my lunch break, but I really like to sit and read while I take my time and enjoy my lunch.  Here it is bedtime again.  Oh, well!


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