Post A Day # 7 – New baseball coasters

Baseball theme coasters

I wasn’t at all sure I liked these coasters last night before I washed them.  I didn’t think I liked the blue homespun borders, even though they felt right, I wasn’t sure they looked right.  But after they frayed out in the washer and dryer, I like them.  Here’s what the back side looks like.

Back side of baseball theme coasters

The back side of the coasters is just like the top without a border.  I found the baseball fabric in my stash of red fabrics. 

Busy day today.  I did get my hair cut (really short) and all my returns taken back, plus a bit of shopping.  While I was getting my hair cut, it was snowing great big fluffy flakes.  The salon has a big wall of windows so I was able to watch while I waited and got my ears lowered.  It wasn’t cold enough for very much of it to stick, and it didn’t last very long, but it really was pretty. 

We are watching the Cotton Bowl on TV tonight. I’m fighting a weird headache, so watching TV is just about all I’m up to doing.  Hope I feel better tomorrow.


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3 Responses to Post A Day # 7 – New baseball coasters

  1. ladywise says:

    I love these coasters. So cute! They would be great for anyone with little boys…or even big boys running around. lol

    I’m praying we don’t get the snow that they are forecasting for us. I don’t relish the idea of being snowed in for a couple of days and possibly having the electricity go out. These are times I wish I had gas heat…

  2. Jkaman says:

    Is it 3 layers?
    Does it matter for water absortion
    What the layers are? Thanks,

    • Yes, there are three layers to protect the table top and absorb moisture. Each square is half denim and half quilting fabric, with the triangles being reversed on the back side. The middle layer is flannel.

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