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I’ve been on the computer for a couple of hours tonight doing something I haven’t done for a long time.  A little bit of research into rag quilting and baby lovies. 

Some of you have ask about directions for making table runners and baby lovies, but before I posted directions I decided to see what was already out there on the web.  A simple Google search revealed several pages of sites when I typed “rag quilted” into the search engine.  Among those I checked out were and, both of which contain a lot of basic information.  It is geared toward making a mini quilt, but it isn’t hard to change the size of the squares, or the total size of the finished item by changing the number of squares. has good pictures and was a yardage chart, which is very useful if you are going to be buying fabrics, or what to know if the piece you have at home is large enough.

If you need inspiration, go no further than  Their rags quilts are amazing!  And if you would like to try your hand at a baby lovie, has directions for making a lovie the same way I do EXCEPT I make all of my squares the same size so I have that extra layer for fluff at the seams, I clip all my seams as I go, as soon as they are stitched before going on to the next step, AND I add a border.  I haven’t seen any other rag quilts with borders, but I think a border adds the finishing touch, just like a picture frame. 

Now for a picture of the pink rag quilt baby blanket that I posted on Etsy last night.

Pretty in Pink mini rag quilt baby blanket

Detail of border on mini rag quilt baby blanket

Here you can really see the detail in the border.  I add two strips of 1 inch wide flannel to the outside edge.  I stitch 1/2 inch away from the edge, so I’m stitching down the center of the strips.  Then I press them to the outside.  Then I go back and open out the seam so I can clip the top two layers by themselves, because it is too hard to do a good job if I try to clip through all 7 layers at the same time.  Then I let the washer and dryer do the finish work.  One trip through the washer and dryer creates a fluffy look, but after several trips, it will have a fuzzy look. 

I also ordered a couple of more sets of Moda charm packs tonight, one blue and one pastels.  It was a good weekend.  I got one baby blanket listed, sold a table runner on Etsy, and took an order (on Etsy) for another table runner.  Life is good!


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