New Country By Design table runner

I started working on another table runner today.  I had these Valentine squares with  the black background that I wasn’t sure how to use.  Putting four little squares together to make a bigger square made the construction process go much faster.  I would have finished it tonight, except I ran out of the red rick rack. 

Table runner for Valentine's Day


Close up of Valentine's Day table runner

It’s going to seem strange going back to work tomorrow.  I haven’t worked since last Wednesday.  There is another winter storm in the forecast.  I need to check and see when it is supposed to start snowing.  I don’t want to end up in another snow drift!


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4 Responses to New Country By Design table runner

  1. geocacherinkerstin says:

    I agree with Irony….very cute and a very good work.

    • Thanks! My one resolution this year was to just make things I really like. So far, it has been nice. I enjoy your pictures about your activities. Sorry I don’t leave very many comments.

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