Alternative sources of fabrics for quilting projects

Three men's shirts

Coming soon to a table runner on Etsy!  My hubby cleaning out his closet this morning, and I rescued these shirts to recycle in my quilting projects.  If you don’t have a family member with a stuffed closet, thrift shops often have flannel and/or 100% cotton shirts . 

Another source of great fabrics is men’s boxer shorts.  One year I wanted to make St. Louis Cardinals place mats but couldn’t find any official Cardinals fabric.  I resorted to buying mens and boys boxer shorts on eBay!  They were a big hit and sold really well.  I have also been known to steal a pair from my hubby’s drawer when I needed another set of blue fabrics. 

Now I need to get started on a Moda table runner that I have an order for from Etsy.  I’ll try to include some photos of the project in progress.


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2 Responses to Alternative sources of fabrics for quilting projects

  1. I’m a huge fan of creative recycling! Once at an art show/street fair, I came upon an artist who had turned old decorative pillows with textures and weaves and embroidery and the like into handbags. They were gorgeous. And of course not cheap. 😦

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