Saturday in the country and the city

Spent most of the day today in the city at a birthday party for our youngest grandson.  He turned 2 on Wednesday.  I took my camera, but didn’t take any photos. 

Right now, the only thing I’m taking pictures of is my quilting for Etsy.  I’ve sold three table runners this month, and have orders for 3 more.  So tonight, I’ve been busy ordering more Moda charm packs on Etsy.  One of my favorite shops is Charmpacks at  Another favorite is SoFunFabrics at  I was accepted by the Quiltsy team at Etsy, so now I have to figure out how to use it to promote my shop.  I also opened a Facebook page for Country By Design.  Need to figure out how to use it, too.  I did a Google search for “Country By Design”.  I’m the sixth listinig on the first page, and on the second page I have three listings, including the first two on the page.  Not to shabby for an old country gal!!

Hope the crisis in Egypt can be resolved soon.  I don’t like seeing so much stress in the world.


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2 Responses to Saturday in the country and the city

  1. mkirkd says:

    Congrats on promoting your business and the google listing! Sounds like your Etys shop is taking off.

    • Thanks! Sounds like you have been busy, too. Sorry I didn’t get anything in the latest photo quest. I needed to spend the time with my quilting. I’ll get back into photography again when my Etsy business slows down.

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