Giddy by Moda coasters and table mat

I had a good quilting day today.  I did make a loaf of gluten free bread, and made potato soup with grilled cheese sandwiches with chocolate pudding for dinner, but I spent the rest of the day quilting.  It’s probably a good thing that football season is almost over.  I didn’t watch the Pro Bowl today. 

One of the new Moda collections of charm packs that I bought last week was Giddy by Sandy Gervais for Moda.  It’s a lovely collection of peach and teal squares with some brown thrown in for good measure.  I had laid out a runner several days ago, but after looking at this picture of it, decided that I didn’t like it. 

table runner using Giddy from Moda

With such a big contrast between light and dark squares, I wanted to create movement from one end of the runner to the other, but laid out like this, the teal squares are in the wrong place and interrupt the flow. 

So today the started over.  I ended up with a runner that is only 3 squares wide, with the teal squares anchoring one end and the brown squares anchoring the opposite end.  Of course I had forgotten to take my camera back downstairs with me, so I don’t have pictures (yet), but I do like the way it turn out. 

With the new layout, I had several squares left over, so a made a set of two coasters, and a table mat.   They are finished, but not washed yet.

coasters made from Giddy by Moda


I added black buttons to the corners of the coasters because the fabrics don’t “match” in the traditional sense. 

table mat made with Giddy by Moda


This table mat looks rather strange.  The colors are all wrong.  Not sure what happened.  But you can see the triangle squares I used. 

Detail of table mat made from Giddy by Moda


Here’s a close-up of one corner of the table mat.  I added heart-shaped buttons by tying them on with embroidery floss. 

We are in the headlights of a major winter storm that is supposed to begin at about 4:00 in the morning.  Don’t know if I will make it to work or not.  At least we have milk and bread!  The worst part is the possibility of a severe ice storm.  And it is going to be cold.  Being without electricity in zero degree weather isn’t going to be a picnic.  If I can’t get to work, but the power is still on, I will try to finish my rag quilting tutorial.


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4 Responses to Giddy by Moda coasters and table mat

  1. ladywise says:

    I agree. I didn’t care for the table runner like it was either. Can’t wait to see what you did with it. I hope you keep your electricity through the storm. It must have gotten up in the high 60’s here yesterday. It was gorgeous outside. I got out and did some much needed work in the yard. Hailey and I built a fire in the pit and sat out there for a long time last night admiring our clean yard and chit chatting. It was fun. I can’t wait until spring. Winter is so depressing and I’ve gained so much weight that I need to loose!

    • I worked on it a little bit tonight, but I didn’t feel good and gave up after about an hour. I also laid out my next project. If I don’t go to work tomorrow, I may get both of them finished.

      So far, we have just gotten the wintery mix. Rain, sleet, freezing rain, etc. I left work an hour early just so I could have plenty of time to get home before dark. Doesn’t sound like we will get any more freezing rain, just snow and wind. Don’t know what I will wake up to in the morning.

      Wow! It would be wonderful to have temps in the 60s. So glad you had time to go outside and enjoy it.

  2. I can imagine the fun – and the work – of moving pieces around.

    • It is fun. It’s like putting pieces of a puzzle together when all of the pieces are exactly the same shape and will fit anywhere. Rather than a random arrangement, I like an arrangement that has movement.

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